World Will Drown Timeline

Neruma- Unusually for the Shackles, the city of Neruma is not on the coast. It is one of the few major settlements on the mainland, and is situated in the north east, along the Terwa River and close to the borders with the Mwangi Expanse and the Sodden Lands. Neruma is a centre for trade between the Shackles and those two neighbouring regions. The main trading item purchased here is slaves, but other items of value also occasionally make their way along the river to Neruma.

  • Kulrosh, Valara, Gas, and Omar met.
  • Met Todrin who set them free
  • Lizardfolk raided the town for unknown reasons

Oyster Cay- Previously suffering town as two Free Captains vied for control of the port, namely Havalas Grudd and his estranged lover Wide Olga.

  • The party chose to assist Havalas in defeating Wide Olga, naming him the new ruler.
  • Havalas agreed to provide transport to Parley Point.

Parley Point- The surprisingly welcoming port of Parley Point is on the coast of the Mainland region of the Shackles. It is a popular port of call for merchant captains travelling north, who often stop off here before braving the storms of the Eye of Abendego. It is renowned for its friendly citizens and fine inns (and brothels).
The Parley Point lighthouse warns passing vessels of the nearby reefs and dangerous surf. The crews of those vessels that do run aground are rescued by the town’s fleet of galleys.
However, what the sailors don’t realise is that the town also has a second, false lighthouse further inland, that is sometimes used to fool captains into running aground. The citizens rescue these sailors in the same way as the others, but also surreptitiously make off with as much of their cargo as they can salvage.

  • Havalas managed to get his ship stuck on the shallow shores off Parley Point, having been fooled by the decoy lighthouse.
  • Tarlock Sabre assisted in bringing Havalas’s ship to port, for a payment. He offered to take the party to Port Peril along his business route.

Port Peril- Port Peril is the largest port in the Shackles and its de facto capital. It is situated on the mainland, rather than on one of the outlying islands, on the edge of the Terwa Uplands and overlooking Jeopardy Bay. The city is protected by walls, and the stronghold of Fort Hazard. All manner of vices can be found in its twisting streets, and its busy markets thrive on the sale of stolen goods. Despite being the capital of the Shackles Pirates, merchant ships sometimes dock here to trade. Those flying the flags of Inner Sea nations are not welcome, but unaligned vessels are permitted to dock. The city is ruled by Kerdak Bonefist, lord of the Shackles Pirates. During his frequent absences, the affairs of the city are jointly overseen by Sabas Odabio, harbourmaster Tsojmin Kreidoros and master merchant Pherias Jakar. Though a pirate city is difficult to neatly compartmentalize, there are certain areas of the city of Port Peril that might classify as city districts:

Crescent Harbor
Eastwind: High Eastwind & Low Eastwind
The Knotworks
Merchant Marina

*Arrived in Crescent Harbor with Tarlock Sabre.

*Made transactions in Merchant Marina

  • Stayed at the Drunken/Jumping Monkey in Scrimshaw
  • Rumors were heard about murders throughout the city; all victims of drowning
  • Fought kuru seemingly invading the town and found a letter
  • Searched for crew members in the Knotworks and Beggarbriar
  • Visited with Master Sabas Odabio discovering a reward for Ronald Flamesail’s head
  • Todrin secretly stole his old ship back and urged the crew to sail out with him
  • Gas was betrayed and slain by a former client named Lars who Kulrosh killed in vengeance. The drug bartender mentioned his employment under a man called the Provoker
  • Omar and Valara accompanied Todrin in search for qualified, yet affordable siege engineers, running into Cousotta who had a desire to reclaim her lost slaves, and defeating her.
  • Todrin was arrested by Sabas Odabio for treason and thievery and brought to Fort Hazard along with the rest of the party. Sabas offered to free Todrin if he continued to fulfill his services to the Steel Cordage by assisting in a counterattack in the oncoming war. The party left Todrin, feeling their priorities lied elsewhere.

Drenchport- The town of Drenchport is on Tempest Cay in the Shackles. Its proximity to the dreaded Eye of Abendego means the town is constantly lashed by storms. The town itself is constructed from driftwood and the remains of wrecked ships.
Drenchport’s most infamous tavern is the Drowned Dwarf. It serves surprisingly tasty black kelp beer, but is notorious for its very high murder rate.

  • The party stopped at the Drowned Dwarf to try some of the famous Kelp beer.
  • Gas met a contact named White Hollis Dobilo who revealed knowledge of a drow city entrance on Dahak’s tooth where he could find rare drugs.
  • Bradesmar Wache ran into the tavern asking for help from the adventurers to find his missing daughter. The party tracked down cultists who had abducted her for a ritual sacrifice. They defeated the cultists and retrieved a letter.
  • The party left he next morning. Kulrosh spotted a ship with cultists on it heading north.

At Sea

  • The party found the Devil’s Horn and defeated Captain Ronald Flamesail. Torin asked for his head. The party headed for Bag Island afterward, taking the Devil’s Horn as their prize.

Slipcove- Slipcove is a small port on Bag Island in the Shackles.
The lord of Bag Island, Jolis Raffles, attacks the slave ships of Cheliax and offers the slaves the chance to live on Bag Island. As a result, Slipcove has the largest halfling population in the Shackles.

  • The party discovered Todrin’s neglect to tell them of a reward for Flamesail’s head. They visited Jolis Raffles and collected the payment, splitting it evenly.
  • The party decided to pursue a treasure map they had retrieved from Ronald Flamesail’s ship. They traveled through the woods of Bag Island and encountered a young black dragon and defeated it.
  • When it was time to leave, the party sold the Devi’s Horn and headed off to the Eel’s Skull.

Eel’s Skull- The Eel’s Skull is a disused fortress in the Shackles. It is situated on Nalt’s Island located between Bag Island and Shark Island.
At one time it was the fortress home of the notorious pirate Nalt Tarbrow. It is said that there are Ghol-Gan dungeons beneath the fortress, but Tarbrow destroyed the fortress in a fit of madness, and no entrance to any dungeon has been found in the ruins.

  • The party discovered a chest with treasure just outside a large dungeon reeking of a hidden evil deep beneath.
  • The party slayed a cloaker, a ghost captain, and a bonestorm. They also encountered a dark naga, which they decided not to attack, a coral golem, and a succubus.

Falchion Point-

  • Deciding to possibly revisit the dungeon at a later point, the party headed off to Arena in hopes of making coin in the tournaments.
  • Stopping in Falchion Point to restalk on ship supplies, the party ran across a game of the Blood Twins. Kulrosh decided to participate and left victorious.


  • The party participated in the Carnival of Kurgess, a celebration to the god of strength. They fought a group of eye cultists, two sea trolls, Gas fought a halfling alchemist, and Father Chessadarde who left after obtaining a much-desired gem, not without Valara causing him trouble though.

The Holy Isle-

  • The party had been saved by Delina Shoal, a devout cleric to Besmara seeing visions of them in relation to her goddess.
  • The party was welcomed inside and asked to commune with the pirate goddess. Besmara herself spoke to all three and placed the burden upon them to prevent a catastrophic event that is said to drown the entire world and other worlds too. She bestowed unto all of them a piece of her power, ascending them to higher beings of life.

Colvaas Gibbett-

  • The party found themselves on Prosperity anchored off the docks of Colvaas Gibbett and having supposedly been gone for three days, but were miraculously found by Todrin.
  • Kulrosh decided to pursue his assignment to assassinate Daniel Bloodhand. Valara visited with him and had difficulty using her charm to manipulate his stance. They sneaked into his house and were caught off guard by his expecting of their arrival and intentions. He informed them he has dealt with three other groups sent out to kill him while he seek to unveil traitors playing a hand in the oncoming war. He later entrusted information to Valara to deliver to Sabas.

World Will Drown Timeline

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