World Will Drown

The Itch

Epilogue: Valara

As we all parted ways, for a brief moment, I considered staying with the others. After all, it had been quite an experience. However, I have other things that I need to take care of. One way or another, the life that I had before is no longer an option. I know what I have to do. There is only one way to stop that itch, to keep it from tormenting my mind. So I went and purchased a few scrolls of Greater Teleport, not knowing what exactly I needed or where I would go. I wandered out of the city, and for a brief moment, I gave myself over the itch and let it guide me to my destination.

I wandered across the beach and into the forest. After a short while, I heard a rustling around me. I followed the itch as it pushed me further and further into the forest. The rustling around me grew louder and stronger as I approached a clearing. Suddenly, the sound stopped and I whirled around. There she was, and with a smile that doesn’t feel like my own, I lock eyes with her, and hear my voice say “Hello, Mother.”



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