World Will Drown

The Blood King

Epilogue: Omar the Wild

First locked up in chains for slave trade and now…we are on our way to fight a god. I never believed in destiny before, but my nature has changed many times ever since I met four people: Kulrosh, Valara, Gas, and Todrin. I feel more civilized than I once was, and maybe not as malicious with my intentions. But something still feels…amiss.
I don’t know if I belong around these people. I never used to understand a pirate’s way of life. But I almost feel as if now…piracy is a part of my nature. I feel the ocean calling for me every day. My blood boils as I fight against my prey amongst my pack to claim my territory. I have finally acknowledged this truth: A pirate’s life is a natural one. I believe I will take my leave after we defeat this god.
First, I am first going to Shark Island. I will awaken Noatak amongst the nest where his egg once stood. My father will be revived by the power of my ring, and he will be Noatak’s slave.
Second, I shall go to the cannibal isles and make the Kuru stand strong with a new leader, which they shall call their Blood King.
Lastly, I will command the thousands of aquatic animals deep from the sea, and they will suffice as our ships. With this army, I shall cleanse this land of all those that insult nature. Not one person will dare threaten the natural world again, for I am the natural world. Not only that, but I will be the most powerful pirate alive, for I will control the sea.
People shall remember me as Omar the Wild, Blood King of the Kuru, and Hierophant of Nature!



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