World Will Drown

A Perilous Visit

Session 6: Omar

I couldn’t wait to get out of Port Peril. As soon as Prosperity set sail I let out a sigh of relief. The breeze around the ocean felt refreshing to me. I had never been on any long journey before. I was quite excited to explore the vast sea of the shackles. As we were sailing, I took my time to make some scrolls for future use.
I was a little new to this scroll making and one of my scrolls went crazy on me and was cast on Valara, whom just happened to be walking near me. She gave me the look of a crazed killer. I assumed out of a sudden reaction she would have struck at me, but it seems that she had more restraint than I gave her credit for.
She spoke to Noatak for a moment, and Noatak seemed a bit on edge. I’m glad Noatak had enough restraint not to attack one of our own. Perhaps I have made him too aggressive of late. No, no, what am I saying? I love how he wants to kill things. It soothes me.
A few days went by after we got past some different islands. We eventually made it to a place called Drenchport. We got off to find a place to stay for the night and not only that, but to make some plans. Kulrosh, Gas, Valara, and I followed Todrin to the Drowned Dwarf. The four went to a booth to order some drinks.
I was about to join them, but soon remembered about a man called the Master of the Gales, whom was supposed to be quite inclined with nature. I became curious of his whereabouts and decided to ask someone. This placed did not look the friendliest, so I prepared to speak with caution.
I spoke with a man by the name of White Hollis Dobilo. I asked him if he knew about anyone by that name. He said he did, and got curious as to why I want to know. I told him I am acquainted with nature much like he is. He told me he may have some information on him, but asked for something in return. He wanted to know more about nature and the strange powers I possess.
I gave him a very broad and meticulous answer: I told him to let go of who he is and to not act separate among the natural world. This guy acted as if I was blowing smoke up his ass. I was not sure what else to tell him; if I gave him too much information I may have disrupted the natural balance within myself.
This man soon became quite indifferent with my presence, because I had nothing to offer him. I really do want to know where the Master of the Gales is; so I asked if I could keep in touch with him in case I find something of worthy value for the knowledge of the master’s whereabouts.
Anyway, after that I went over to Todrin and the others. Gas went over to White right after I left. I can only imagine what he was about to discuss with him…
Later, a man was screaming for his daughter. He kept panicking that his daughter was kidnapped by a person in blue robes. I followed everyone outside to look for the tracks. I was saw the tracks right away, and followed them in a hurry. No one understood why I was so quick to act, but it is quite simple: a lion does not give his opponent time to escape. The father was an idiot. I was determined to chase these people down not to save the daughter, but for the blood of the hunt. I do expect the others to understand that, of course.
We made it to a run-down shed. As we went in we all saw a girl tied to an iron weight, about to be dropped down into water. We managed to kill them and prevent the girl from drowning. Drowning? Wait. Something seemed familiar. It made me think of what I heard in Port Peril about people drowning. Whatever this is, it must be some sort of cult. We saw the insignia of an eye, but I could not decipher what it meant. The girl was hurt, and Valara gave me this worried mother look. I reluctantly used one of my scrolls to heal the girl. What a waste.
We went back to the inn and the daughter and father were reunited. After I learned that the man was blaming the Master of the Gales for what happened, my blood began to rise. I tried to convince him otherwise, but he grew angry with me. The others seemed annoyed with the way I was disrupting the daughter and father reunion, so I just let it go.
I knew there was a church of Gozreh in town, so I decided to go there with Noatak for the night. It was nice to just get away from everyone for a while and be with my own kind. We danced and sung among the beauty of the night sky. I joined them in their prayer to Gozreh. I have never felt so comfortable in a long time.
I woke up and thanked the head of the church. I also asked him about the Master of the Gales, and he mentioned that he used to come to the church, but not of late.
I found the others on the streets looking at ballistae. I did not know much about these things, but I did have some gold to spare, and it sounded like they will be useful for upcoming battles. A part of me looked back at the church of Gozreh and wanted to stay, but I can’t help but feel that…the ocean was calling for me.



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