World Will Drown

Nature's Turmoil

Session 14: Omar the Wild

I waited outside with the arrogant pest for the fight to begin. I began to get excited, and waited for something to happen. About five minutes passed, and I got sick of waiting. I was unsure of what was taking so long, so decided to take a look. As it turned out, they decided to make friends with this person and let him run off. I saw Valara and Kulrosh looting, so decided to look around myself. I happened to bump into a table and broke a glass of that vile and disgusting liquid called “alcohol.” Valara insisted upon me cleaning it up, because she so suddenly cares for this new “friend.” I come to realize how indecisive this group is. One minute they plan to kill the person, the next they become best friends with him. The poor leadership is going to get someone killed.
I went into the pub with Gas and Kulrosh. I sat down next to them. I watched the idiot sell his drugs, and Kulrosh standing next to him as his bodyguard. I come to realize how much Gas bothers me. He reminds me of my father too much. He lies, cheats, and steals, and worst of all, completely disregards the laws of nature. This disrespect he upholds to the natural world will be ultimately lead to his undoing. Kulrosh, Valara, and Todrin simply don’t know the threat he upholds to the pack. But I do. He cares nothing for any of us. He simply uses us as a tool to gain power and prestige. We mean nothing to him. He could care less if any of us died. I, for one, would never want one of my own pack members to die, regardless of our differences. An alpha male is not to betray his own pack. I fear a possible treachery being planned. I will not let this happen. Not again.
Later, we met up with Todrin and he insisted upon getting some soldiers that can help arm the cannons and ballista on Prosperity. He was going to Port Peril to find some men for this type of work. We all decided upon travelling with him.
As we were at the stables, I looked for which horse would be best fit to get us to port Peril faster. I pointed the best horses out to Todrin. He ignored my advice and choose a different pair of horses, then criticized me for being a nature freak. Perhaps if something from the wilderness tries to eat him, I’ll just let nature take its course and act as if I don’t know anything. That’s how all of these idiots have treated me of late. They seem to think my knowledge of the natural world is some kind of joke. I’ll be the one laughing if a pack of piranhas decides to eat them, and they will be begging for my help, but I’ll just act as if I don’t know anything. Karma has a way of fixing problems.
We traveled over to Port Peril. It took us a couple of days, but we made it just fine. As expected, the group split away from me right away, Gas and Kulrosh off to deal drugs while Todrin and Valara went off to find men to arm the cannons. I really had nothing else to do so I went with Todrin and Valara.
I love to watch people in the big city gawk at me and Noatak, and I always look for fear in their eyes. It gives me pleasure to see those that fear nature’s righteousness.



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