World Will Drown

My Nature is Stray and I am the Prey

Session 22: Omar the Wild

This may be the last time I write in my journal. Three people whom I have once entrusted have decided upon killing me. These people are known as Kulrosh Deadeye, Valara Nightwish, and Gas Madgut. It goes back to how everything started…from us being chained up together, to the present. I never really had much of a life until I met them. At first glance I looked upon the eyes of those I thought to be comrades. They certainly were a strange bunch, but not to my level. I understood their differences right away and came to accept them a little more over time, though I did not always agree with the actions they decided upon. But one thing was certain: We were a pack. I could care less who the alpha male was in truth, so long as we fought together. Packs are bound to not always get along, which is simply part of nature.
Ever since the blessing Besmara gave to us, I was beginning to understand the nature of people, which I have disregarded for so long due to my father’s ambition. After Kulrosh killed my father, my only memory of him was what the last thing he did to me when I last saw him: run away. So that’s what I did, at the unfortunate cost of my friend’s life. It’s a shame there is probably no going back now. Fortunately I had a means of bringing him back, and next up I will bring my father back and settle my dispute with him. When I think of my father, I don’t even want to kill him; but that is why I have Noatak by my side, because he has always had my back in times of need.
I am heading to Besmara’s Throne to understand what my purpose is now because I am being hunted by those I used to think of as allies. I don’t want the world to drown, even if I do love the ocean, I cannot allow this world to be destroyed through such unnatural means. Can those that hate me not set aside their reckless and selfish ambition for revenge to fight for a common cause? It seems they have been blinded by the depths of whereas hell would lie.
I fear that the world may drown if I am to be killed. I truly hope that they at least have an ounce of wisdom left in them to make the right decision to let me live. All I want to do is help preserve the natural order that I have found even my own kind to betray.
If Valara, Kulrosh, or Gas are reading this, then I only ask of you to leave my elasmosaurus alone, for he is my only friend left. The fact of you killing me may lead this world to a path of drowning. You have brought this upon yourselves through your selfish ambitions of revenge. I have no regrets. You made a very poor choice.



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