World Will Drown

The Itch
Epilogue: Valara

As we all parted ways, for a brief moment, I considered staying with the others. After all, it had been quite an experience. However, I have other things that I need to take care of. One way or another, the life that I had before is no longer an option. I know what I have to do. There is only one way to stop that itch, to keep it from tormenting my mind. So I went and purchased a few scrolls of Greater Teleport, not knowing what exactly I needed or where I would go. I wandered out of the city, and for a brief moment, I gave myself over the itch and let it guide me to my destination.

I wandered across the beach and into the forest. After a short while, I heard a rustling around me. I followed the itch as it pushed me further and further into the forest. The rustling around me grew louder and stronger as I approached a clearing. Suddenly, the sound stopped and I whirled around. There she was, and with a smile that doesn’t feel like my own, I lock eyes with her, and hear my voice say “Hello, Mother.”

The Blood King

Epilogue: Omar the Wild

First locked up in chains for slave trade and now…we are on our way to fight a god. I never believed in destiny before, but my nature has changed many times ever since I met four people: Kulrosh, Valara, Gas, and Todrin. I feel more civilized than I once was, and maybe not as malicious with my intentions. But something still feels…amiss.
I don’t know if I belong around these people. I never used to understand a pirate’s way of life. But I almost feel as if now…piracy is a part of my nature. I feel the ocean calling for me every day. My blood boils as I fight against my prey amongst my pack to claim my territory. I have finally acknowledged this truth: A pirate’s life is a natural one. I believe I will take my leave after we defeat this god.
First, I am first going to Shark Island. I will awaken Noatak amongst the nest where his egg once stood. My father will be revived by the power of my ring, and he will be Noatak’s slave.
Second, I shall go to the cannibal isles and make the Kuru stand strong with a new leader, which they shall call their Blood King.
Lastly, I will command the thousands of aquatic animals deep from the sea, and they will suffice as our ships. With this army, I shall cleanse this land of all those that insult nature. Not one person will dare threaten the natural world again, for I am the natural world. Not only that, but I will be the most powerful pirate alive, for I will control the sea.
People shall remember me as Omar the Wild, Blood King of the Kuru, and Hierophant of Nature!

How do you measure a year?

Session 35: Rhaedor

The battle was swift and bloody, just the way I like it.
After some much needed rest and relaxation given by the exceptional hands of the Red Mantis Assassins’ servants we continue our quest of searching for the girl. Why we even bothered with task I’ll never know….

We eventually find a lead to her location….a single portal in a dark, empty room. And through the portal, a twisting maze of incomprehensible size and length. And what should be awaiting us at the end? A colossal dragon of unknown power….a challenge indeed.

However as the battle closes we learn a terrible truth. For every six seconds we remain on this realm…a day passes in ours. If this is true, then we have been gone from our world for at least two years….and two more may pass before we’re able to leave this place….

Silly to think we thought our time to be so expendable and now it slips through our fingers so easily. So much left undone…so much that could have been accomplished in that time. I have plans that have been hindered enough by this ragtag group of lowlives…by the stubbornness if Kulrosh and his refusal to bend to my will. At least he’s out of the picture now….oh his consciousness still remains, but soon the last remnants of his mind will be snuffed out and I’ll have complete, unopposed control.

So much to do, and less time to do it in. As soon as we finish here, we shall make haste to finish off this God before the world drowns…and my partnership with these mad gut marauders will come to a close, so that we may all continue on to bigger, better things. Well, most of us at least….I should at least kill the druid before we part…he could be a problem later.

Everything feels so... natural!

Session 34: Omar the Wild

I first headed over to the temple of Gozreh to give Kye a safe haven. Then I went to find Todrin. He needed to know the truth.
I kept thinking about the purpose of wanting to drown the world. Chessedarde was a fool. It doesn’t matter how many times you drown the world…people will always end up being the same. We are bound for evil. It is our nature. There is no such thing as creating a new world. Change needs to happen naturally, not by force. Only nature should decide if the world should drown, not man.
I made it over to Todrin and he was…doing something with Melany. Why doesn’t he just release his nature with her and just get it over with?
Anyway, I told him the burning truth that the others would never want to bother hearing. Todrin is the reason we are here today, using our godlike powers. I felt like it was time someone gave him some credit. If I were him, I would have kicked the four of us off the crew long ago. I mean, who are we to order him around? I am tired of our self-righteous attitudes. It is going to get us all killed. He didn’t seem to think much of it, but I felt like it just needed to be said. I headed over for the tavern to look for the others.
As it turned out, the plan was to go look for Aiden’s missing daughter. Of course, let’s waste our time bullshitting with people I don’t even know or care about. Well honestly…I needed a break from this heroic crap. I want to kill for fun, just like old times. It sounds like I would get to do that with where we were headed.
We all went over to prosperity, and told Todrin of our plans. His nature seemed to get the best of him, as he went crazy. He sarcastically mentioned that we are all going to keep dying, and I will keep bringing them back as different races. For once in my life, I actually laughed at something he said. I do enjoy reincarnating things…
We teleported to a keep or prison of a sorts, and went into a room with a catfolk standing around a bunch of naked women. Kulrosh killed him in a matter of seconds before I even thought of which spell to use. I spent one hour scrying on the person Aiden was looking for, then I…reincarnated the catfolk. A gnome. He was a gnome. How adorable…
I turned into a dragon and held the little bastard in my hands. The others turned vaporous, and we took off to this crimson citadel. I could not help but drool a little at the gnome. It was a bit tempting…but I resisted for the time being.
We found the citadel and got into it. Valara clawed our hostage to death. I was quite amused by the feral display. As the others were trying to figure out which way to go first, I decided upon harvesting the gnome’s flesh as a snack later. I needed to get my money’s worth from my spell, after all.
After we killed some banshee, crimson assassins, and golems we finally made it to an interesting place. It was a place of luxury, one of the plants told me. Most of us decided to stay around here to relax for a bit. I thought, why not? Let’s just live here for fifty years then kill the drowned god.
I felt like using my powerful spell to my advantage. I was interested in two things…what it felt like to be a female and how gas would react to it. I felt like Gozreh, being both a God and Goddess. It was an interesting experience. Of course, to no surprise, Gas wanted to…you know. I do like trying new things but…this may be taking it a bit far. I reverted back to a male.
There was a weird play going on, so I sat down and watched for a while. I felt the urge for a good snack, but something…homemade. I took out the gnome flesh and began eating. One: it tasted good, and two: I am compensating for the money used to reincarnate the stupid cat. All was quite well, and I was even generous enough to share some with a random guy. He barfed. Pathetic.
I figured it was time to find Valara, though I was eager to watch Gas intoxicate himself. I met up with them, and we all went into a room with a gargantuan dragon. Kulrosh killed it in a matter of seconds…like everything else. How nice.
We found a bunch of assassins in one room, with their leader. Between the artifact, Kulrosh’s godhood, Gas’s bombs, and my…finger, they all died quickly. This has been a nice vacation. But I feel my nature telling me this was a complete waste of time. We need to stop the drowned god. The world might not drown in a couple of weeks, but Port Peril could. The shackles could be gone within a year’s time.

The Growing Itch
Session 33: Valara

After the Blood Queen’s death, events seemed to happen in a sort of blur. We left her chamber and went to speak with the Kuru. Apparently I am now the only one who doesn’t speak Kuru. So as the boys discussed who-knows-what with the cannibals, I let myself zone out and lose track of my thoughts. As the smell of blood all around the island surrounded us, I felt that never-ceasing itch grow stronger. My fingers twitched and I was reminded of the claw-like nails that I had so wanted to use to rip out Raugsmada’s throat. The claws that reminded me of the power my mother possesses. The power that I could possess…

I was snapped from my thoughts by Omar’s spell returning us to the Prosperity, and the next thing I knew, Gas awakened the three artifacts. We found out that in a hundred years, the world will drown no matter what we do, and things are only going to get worse until then. The weather is not going to improve, and more and more land is going to be lost unless we bring the three artifacts to the Eye Abendengo and summon the Drowned God and defeat him. With that lovely thought, we returned to Port Peril and began discussing strategy with the Hurricane King for the upcoming battle. I might be good at dealing with people, but battle plans are not my forte. So once again, I let the boys do the talking and simply listened during the discussion of catapults, bombs, and ships, pondering the three artifacts and what they might, in fact, be capable of when used together.

Finally thinking that I had some time to rest, I realized just how exhausted I was. I paid for a room for the night and headed to bed… until I heard a thump and saw that stupid Grave Knight standing at the foot of my bed. All I wanted to do was get some sleep. Just once, I didn’t want some guy keeping me up all night. But he was quickly disposed of, and after Kulrosh took the armor, I tried to get some sleep.

The next morning, I learned what I could of Medio Galti. If I wanted to have any hope of getting this kid out, I needed to know what I was up against. The promise of treasure and tons of women (never mind that they’re all assassins) might even help to convince the rest of the group to help. The more I researched, the stronger the itch became. I realized that it was getting stronger and stronger, harder to control.

But before long, I found myself with Kulrosh, and the once again Goblin Gas and Half-Elf Omar as we prepared for the battle. I’m not entirely sure why we spent so much time prepping the city. One use of the Heart of the Sea’s tidal wave, and the Cheliax fleet was all but destroyed. It seemed that things were already taken care of… until a shit ton of giant squid popped up and started attacking us. I missed most of the battle as I was blown into the sea by a tornado, but I was back in time to hear that the biggest of the big-ass squid, the one known as Aquidius, wanted us to unleash the Drowned God immediately. Then, they were all gone, and we were left to clean up what remained of the Cheliax fleet.

As we stood there, a piece of wreckage washed over: a piece of the Vitality. Without really thinking, I rushed over and started searching for any sign that I could find of Aiden or his ship. It seemed that he was lost, until I saw that Omar had found him. For once, I was actually grateful to the Druid. Now, to get Aiden revived and see if this was at all worthwhile. If this doesn’t work, I’m not sure how much longer I can keep that itch at bay.

Three Trials for the Marauders

Before us stand four massive dragons. Dragons. Far beyond the strength of the measly wyverns which once left me dead on the battle field, yet they remain in my way. The largest of these is clearly in charge, though not going to fight us just yet. The other three come forward defending their champion. Within minutes, we have reduced this three to corpses however, and big red is forced to challenge us herself. But even she is no match for our combined might, and in her last breath, Aashaq reveals the location of her horde. Before moving on I emancipate her from her drug enhancing blood as well as the tongues of her and her comrades. We strip down the skin and bones as well for trophies of our momentous kill. Upon retrieving the loot from her private stores, we take flight for the ship, but upon seeing the multitude of ships upon the horizon we decide upon sending Todrin for his ship, while we continue on to Port Peril, in hopes of warning the pirate council. Instead, only death greets us in the council chamber. The broken battered bodies of the pirate council lay scattered about the room and at the far end of the council table stands a demon holding the First Wind. In a rage we descended upon the beast and upon destroying it, claimed the artifact for ourselves. We realized however, that the defense of Port Peril would be near impossible without the bravery and guidance of her leaders, and after choosing the best of the fallen, Tessa Fairwind, Omar did his best to return her to her ship. She reincarnated as a human, but for the time being, that will have to do. Even so, the city will not stand a chance without every possible blade at it’s disposal, and we realize that we have one more challenge we will have to face this day. We need to kill the Blood Queen. After little preparation and some scrolls of teleportation, we transport ourselves to the entrance to the blood queen’s lair. She is surrounded by a mass of impenetrable darkness, however, there seemed to be only one way to find out where she was, so stepping into the darkness, I found myself swallowed by the ugly worm bitch. So much for feeling like a badass.

Imbibing a potion while inside I managed to get free, but the fight continued to be a struggle for all of us. All seemed lost when most of us were paralyzed by the beast, and if it hadn’t been for Omar and his worms, we would have likely died. In the end however, we were once again victorious. Time will tell if we can hold out against the fleets as they descend upon Port Peril. At least we’ll have the Hurricane King in the fight, as well as the three artifacts.

Dragon's Maw

Session 31: Kulrosh

In favor of living to fight another day we flee the Island of the Kuru. Though the warrior in me yearns to rip the Blood Queen apart piece by piece, the scholar in me reasons that a fight with her in our current state would end in disaster. Instead, we make our way to Dahak’s Fang to face the dreaded Dragon Priestess Aashaq the Annihilator….how this is the better decision, I can’t even begin to understand. But my companions believe it to be the best course of action, and they have yet to lead me completely astray…..

Days have passed since the battle with Raugsmauda, since I donned the armor of that creature….I’m not sure why I did, I have little memory of it…I just know that I felt called to it….was it him? I know that I should take it off, but I can’t. Every time the thought crosses my mind, my head gets all fuzzy and my thoughts disperse. There’s something inside this armor, something intelligent, something that does not wish to leave, I can feel it’s presence boring into me…taking hold…Gods know how much longer I can keep it at bay.

I suspect the beast inside has some part to play in all of this, the primal side of myself. The part of me that would give in fully to my orcish ancestry and berserker rage…It is troubling to see how far this beast has come. Never before have I been able to properly move and fight in such heavy armor, never before have I wished to read a book to expand my knowledge; on the Kuru and Orc tribes no less…I’m losing the battle…it is only a matter of time now.

As luck would have it though, it would seem my companions are aware of my situation at hand….at least some of it anyway….I don’t think they fully comprehend how dire it has become. But they are able to separate myself from the armor, I can only pray they have sense enough to destroy…or at the very least keep it secret and safe my from other half.

After a few short days we make our way to Dahak’s Fang and are met with some mild hostility. We are challenged by Aashaq’s priest of some sort to face one of her champions. What I assumed would be long and difficult fight only took a matter of seconds….in a rare display of competency, Omar fell the opponent with a single spell…perhaps he is not as useless as I once thought.

However, that battle was nothing compared to one we may yet face. We journey straight into the Dragon’s maw, I fear we may never leave it.

The Dark Side of Nature

Session 30: Omar the Wild

We began the fight with Lich Rogsmada. We had some difficulties, but between me dispelling her flying, Valara backstabbing her, and Gases bombs, we managed to kill her. Surprisingly, Kulrosh was the one having difficulties in the battle. We all have our bad and good days, I suppose.

Kulrosh began to skin open the undead knight that came to Besmara’s aid, but it faded to dust. I was curious of his intentions. Why would a person skin a body open like that? Perhaps Kulrosh and I have more in common than I realized.
We went down into the tower and rummaged for treasure. Kulrosh gave a big alpha strike and took down a door that Valara was about to open. He must be trying to make up for the battle earlier…though he is doing a strange job of it.
Later, Valara decided to take her sweet dear time with picking locks open. Even I began to get impatient, which is definitely saying something.
We came across a room with a mirror. Valara knew this was some type of trap, but Kulrosh felt the need to bash the thing to pieces, and gods behold, five dread wraiths appeared before us.
Kulrosh insisted upon sacrificing himself, and I was not going to let his sacrifice be in vain. I planned on simply running out, but Gas teleported Valara and I Prosperity. Valara rushed into the captain’s quarters to get Todrin to use his magic device, which was able to teleport Kulrosh to the ship. He looked like he was on the brink of death. I healed him with a strong spell, and he was up and moving again, but still quite restless.
Valara found out that the hurricane king had been kidnapped by the kuru, the plan was to rescue the hurricane king. I felt that obtaining the First Wind was of greater importance, but I also wanted a chance to see the kuru up close.
As I gazed out to the sea, I noticed some commotion going on. I ran out to see that Clark was being strangled to death by Kulrosh. Valara and Gas wanted me to stop him. I was not going to help until I knew that they were going to assist me if the worst happened. I jumped in and got Clark’s corpse out of the water with Noatak’s help.
Apparently Gas and Valara had a fixation on saving him. I assumed him to be dead, but I helped just because I was in a good mood. We managed to save him surprisingly. I took him to his quarters and made a joke to him that I might regret later.
We made it to the kuru lair eventually after a bit of planning and some kuru brought us to their oracle. The kuru kept asking for the artifacts in exchange for the hurricane king. I really didn’t want to give them anything, and I wished to see this blood queen for myself. The oracle kept denying us the opportunity of speaking with their queen.
We kept going back and forth with our bluffs and half-truths, but I finally got sick and tired of trying to think of a reason for us to see the blood queen, so I made a reason. I pulled out my father’s dead corpse, and told Noatak it is time for us to gain our vengeance. I gashed into his flesh with my teeth, and took a nice wholesome bite. Noatak seemed satisfied by eating the flesh of my father, as did I. We were both stealing my father’s strength to make it our own. Later we will crap him out as the piece of shit he always has been, and the soil will soon deteriorate him into nothing. That is all he deserves for what he did. Nature conquers life and death. Nature is God.
After I finished devouring my lunch with Noatak, the oracle took me to the Blood Queen. The others seemed surprised with my action. Hopefully they will learn to accept my way of life, or at least tolerate it.
I went through many a corridor and eventually was taken into a pitch black room. The first thing I heard was a man being crushed by something big. The Blood Queen then spoke, and we had our wonderful little discussion. We came to a compromise as she demanded one artifact for the king’s life. I was a bit weary of this trade. I respect the kuru’s way of life, but at what price? I am still doing this for Gozreh, not Besmara or the Blood Queen. It seems I am at a halt with this situation. I could care less if the hurricane king dies, and I do not believe that the Blood Queen is my enemy or friend, but I am sure as hell not going to let any artifact get handed over to her. Her intentions seem unclear to me, and I feel that the best choice for us as a group is to just leave.
I personally feel that the Blood Queen possesses power tenfold to whatever Rogsmada did. She acts as if Besmara is nothing compared to what she is. This startles me. We need to leave. I do not think we can take her on, and I am not even sure if I want to help with this upcoming fight. Fighting her could be equivalent to fighting a goddess.

Nature guide me.

They Just Keep Getting Uglier
Session 29: Valara

A daughter. He has a daughter. Well, I guess that explains a lot. The question now is, what am I going to do about it? Bloodhand was absolutely no help. 30,000 gold for something I could do myself? No thanks. But now I’m not sure what to do. Part of me, that itch in the back of my mind, wants to let her go. Let her be an assassin, let her kill him and then he’ll regret choosing her, choosing that life over me. But then again, she’s just a kid. Just a kid who’s being forced into a future without any other options. As someone who has lived her entire life that way, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, especially not some little girl.

After roaming through the rain-soaked town with nothing but my thoughts, I returned to the Prosperity. Over the next four days, I attempted to justify my feelings, and my potential actions. If I save Aiden’s daughter, he could change his allegiance to the Shackles. His insights and experience could be valuable assets in this brewing war. But could I live with that? With seeing him with the people that he chose over me? With the life he never wanted with me?

I tried to let go of my thoughts of Aiden and the girl as we approached Raugsmada’s Keep. It turns out this was easier to do than I thought as we were soon under attack by some giant mass under the water and Raugsmada’s crew and her ship that seemed to sail itself. After we quickly dispatched of the crew, Gas prepared the ship to blow, just like before. However, even the explosion was not enough to take out the Cannon Golum and two Devourers. While Gas and Kulrosh seemed to retreat, for once, it was Omar who stayed to help take down our opponents… until I managed to kill the first Devourer and he suddenly ran off too. No matter how much I seemed to attach the last Devourer, he would somehow take my energy to replace whatever he lost. I felt the itch grow stronger. Even if it would kill me, I was going to rip this thing to pieces. Just as I prepared to drop my weapons and leap at the monster before me, Kulrosh decided to show back up and once again prove himself a great and powerful hero. I don’t know what was worse, the fact that they all left this fight, or that they all seemed to feel that they were the only ones responsible for our victory.

It doesn’t matter. We have bigger problems, namely the lich in the tower. Omar had to rest his poor little self to recuperate some spells, and then we were off, halfway up the tower and through the glass window. We met a few feeble attempts at guards along the way, but they were quickly dispatched. When we reached the top of the tower, there she was in all of her nasty glory. Raugsmada. I swear, out of all the crazy things we have fought, she might just be the ugliest. As she talked, I saw the evil flowing through her, but I could also see the power. The power that someone like her, someone like my mother could possess. Maybe…

Breaking Wind

Little by little, my empire grows. Upon returning to Port Peril, I stopped into speak with the head of my blood sap production house, and things seem to be humming right along. He even had good news when he informed me that two more production facilities had joined my efforts. It appears that it is time to begin building my distribution network. I made my way over to the jumping monkey, and made things brutally clear, by showing the severed head of the Provoker. It didn’t take long to show the new manager, (who was quite the stubborn Jakis) who was really in charge. Upon hearing about our plans to add a third establishment to the monkey franchise, a “Humping Monkey”, all doubts were erased in the man’s eyes. Sensing the speed at which this endeavor was growing, It became quickly apparent to me that I would need someone I could trust in this town to keep things running smoothly, and to control the day to day operations of my production facilities, as well as keeping a close eye on the monkeys for me. There was only one person I could trust in this matter, my foxy protege, Tori.

She took to the idea quickly, and looked forward to the chance to make even more gold while working in her hometown. After introducing her to the different areas, and giving her an order to hire adequate security for each location, she took off. She’s a fine piece of tail, and I’ll miss it, but at least I’ll know where it is when I return to port.

After completing the majority of my business, we made our way to the pirate council, where we were questioned by the Hurricane “King” about the war and artifacts. Keeping the majority of our knowledge about the artifacts to ourselves, we informed him of the fact that the Kuru may not be our enemies, and that previous attacks may have been a failed attempt at communication.

After some deliberation, it appears that our goal is clear, we must seek out the Lich, and destroy it if necessary.


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