World Will Drown

Heart of Rage

Session 27: Kulrosh Deadeye

We left the town as soon as we could the next morning. Not much sense in staying any longer than necessary. I have faith in our abilities, but against a whole fleet of warships, the Prosperity simply doesn’t stand a chance, even with Besmara on our side.

Besmara….why her? Of all the Gods we could have championed for….like Gorum, God of battle and strength. Or even the Gods of my Orcish ancestry…Lamashtu, Rovagug, or Zon-Kuthon… least those Gods are worshipped throughout all the lands of Golarion. Not just in some back-alley shit-hole that is the shackles…..most pirates only pray to her on their deathbed anyways…begging for just one more day of life. Pathetic. So why? Why would a lesser diety even bother intervening in the affairs of mortals. Whatever the Gods intentions are, for now, I put my faith in my sword, in our crew, in our captain.

I had hoped our journey to port peril to be uneventful, unfortunately it seems we are not that lucky. We came across a few poorly made Kuru vessels assaulting a finely made Cheliax ship. We at first decided to avoid such a conflict, neither one of those sides were our allies…however, some translated jibberish from the Kuru indicated otherwise.

We somehow managed to negotiate a ceasefire agreement. During which we conversed with the Kuru…well at least Gas did….it became painfully obvious that though my strength in body is unmatched…my strength in mind leaves much to be desired, a weakness I shall have to remedy.

We eventually made port for repairs and much needed relaxation from recent traumatic events….in an attempt to raise what little may remain of the crew morale I paid them all a sizable bonus from my own pocket. That should keep them occupied for awhile.

For the time being I shall make my way to the library to begin sharpening my mind with books as you would a blade with a whetstone.

I can’t help but wonder to myself as I pour over the stale parchment and ink; if my mind is still present with him in battle….is he still present with me in study? How long can I continue to hold the Berserker at bay?

“Not much longer.” He responded.

The Fury of Nature

Session 26: Omar the Wild

We set sail upon the great, vast ocean of the shackles. I figured this would be a great moment for some scrying business. First, Father Chessadarde. He was quite easy to scry upon. I saw him holding the heart of the sea, and some giants working with him. It didn’t seem of much importance at the time, but he sure seemed hell-bent on this sea god.
Next, I scryed upon the master of the gales. He was a bit more challenging, as was expected, but after a couple of tries I managed to see him. The master of the gales seemed in disarray in the vision. His eyes widened as he saw something before him, and soon hopped onto his animal friend and darted towards something so fast whereas I could not keep up with it in my vision.
We made it to the isle eventually, after a bit of walking, we spotted out a couple of giants. I scouted ahead as a seagull and noticed father Chessedarde using the giants to find the artifact. I told the others of his presence, and soon after engaged into combat.
Father Chessedarde held the heart and flew up into the air. Gas managed to…influence the giants to betray Chessedarde? Damn he is strange…well, I’m one to talk. It’s so odd… I used to hate Gas so much because he reminded me of my father…but maybe he isn’t as bad as I perceived him to be at one time. I actually used like dealing drugs… perhaps after Noatak and I attain our vengeance, my hatred will be put to rest, and I will finally be free. Besides, we had a common enemy.
The battle was ended quicker than I expected. I was infuriated to see a druid helping Chessedarde. He was to be punished for his treachery. The moment I thought everything was over, it had just begun.
I gazed before the fury of nature. The tsunami was moments away. I have never perceived something so beautiful, yet terrifying. I feared not for my own life, but Noatak’s. I would have helped the others, but had no means of doing so. I figured the best I could do is stand my ground with them. I was not going to make the same mistake twice by running. I turned Noatak into a small stone figurine and quickly put him into my bag, and soon after was struck.
Being struck by the ocean’s power felt so… natural. I figured my time for rebirth has arrived. It seems nature was calling for me, and I acknowledged its calling. I will return someday, my friends. Nature prevails all. It is unforgiving. It is changing. Nature is existence. Nature is Wild.


To Satisfy a Craving
Session 25: Valara

As we turned back toward the island, I gritted my teeth and prepared my cannon for battle. After flying through earlier, I knew what we were getting into, and I knew that it wouldn’t be easy, but Quent is my home, with the closest thing to family that I have ever had. There is no way I could ever simply stand by and let it fall.

When we neared the first few ships and began to fire back and forth, I felt my blood begin to boil at the thought of this Captain Cinder Jeggare, this coward who dared to bring his fleet to my home, to hurt my people. I felt an anger rise up within me at the audacity of this man, and I felt an itch in the back of my mind that craved his blood; his death.

The cannon fire continued, and more ships joined the opposition. Eventually, I saw the Sacrifice appear, and my anger only grew. I imagined the captain, his blood pooling about him, as we stood over him, victorious. But first, to get there. I approached Gas for the flying carpet, and Todrin for his more powerful gun, but before we even got the chance to board the other ship, Cinder, a burned mage, and some fiery knight appeared on deck and immediately struck down Todrin. They must have teleported from Kulrosh onboard Sacrifice, now sinking thanks to Omar and his giant shark.

In yet another freakish display of acrobatics, Kulrosh leaped from the sinking vessel to the Prosperity, and managed to take down the mage before he could do any further damage. As I locked onto the would-be conqueror, I felt the anger surge, and fired. My goddess is not known for her forgiveness, and neither am I. When his blood started to spill, I felt my grip on the guns loosen. That incessant itch grew stronger, and I suddenly lost myself in the vision of walking up to him and tearing out his throat with my bare hands, his blood streaming through my fingers as the life left him.

I was violently shaken from my reverie as the captain fell, killed by Gas’s bomb. After that, the battle was quickly won. Any ships that weren’t sinking fled, and we met up with Tessa Fairwind, who invited us for celebratory drinks. Shaken by the day’s events and my unusual thoughts, I kept fairly quiet as people milled about incessantly asking questions. I felt my annoyance mounting and the itch grew stronger again and began to feel a craving. Quickly, I stood and headed back to the House of Stolen Kisses to take clients. Despite earning a fair sum, I awoke the next morning still unsatisfied.

I tried to move on as we met with Tessa once more for breakfast. I stayed unusually quiet, as I still felt “off” somehow. This meant that the others did most of the talking for once, and unfortunately this included Omar. Of course, he pissed Tessa off with talk of the Kuru. I finally spoke up when he mentioned going to deal with them before finding the third artifact. I will not lose another artifact to the Priest of the Cult, so we will sail to Field of Bones and Black Glass. As we prepare to sail, I try to sort my thoughts, but no matter what I do, I still can’t satisfy the craving, shake that itch from the back of my mind.

Gold and Glory
Gas Madgut

Well now that the little bastard is back among us, I had hoped he might lose a bit of the bits that made him most infuriating, but it is appearing that Omar the Odd hasn’t changed much at all. Despite this, there’s a great deal of gold to be made, and yet another treasure map and stop along the way.

After unloading our unneeded loot, and strapping on some much needed gear, we headed for the general location that the map indicated. After a short trek, we found our way to a small temple shrine, and we knew we had reached our destination. With minimal searching, we found ourselves in a room with a pair of angry incorporeal enemies. After dispatching them and only a few of us falling victim to the diseases spread by their claws, I whipped up potions to cure Kulrosh of the ailment.

Upon further inspection of the room, we were greeted by the spirit of some dead guy. He bitched alot about his crew failing him, and told us that the only way we could receive his treasure would be to destroy his old ship, so that no-one could ever sail it again. Nodding in agreement, I told the dead guy it would be done, and we set off.

Traveling down the path, it wasn’t long before we saw guards to some sort of fort in the distance. Planning our attack, Volara and I slipped into invisibility, while the other three planned to cause a distraction, and Omar mentioned something about monkeys, but who ever knows what the hell that guy is talking about. Slipping past the guards, we begin to hear the screams of both man and beast, yet we press forward, slowly creeping to the ship at port. Passing most guards, Volara dispatched one with a single sneaky stab, quickly pulling his corpse into her bag of holding to erase hints of his struggle. Continuing to creep down into the ship, and avoiding someone who seemed to know we were afoot, I poured a path of gunpowder to the main gunpowder storage room. Dropping a torch, sprinting for dear life, and diving out the window, my busty compadre and I barely managed to drop below the surface of the water before the ship exploded and began it’s slow descent into the murky depths.

We began our trek back to our companions, but I stopped upon noticing the group of slaves all chained together. Breaking their bonds and proclaiming their freedom, we all made a hasty escape. Rejoining the others, Todrin lead our recently emancipated friends back to the ship, and we made way for the temple again. Finally at peace, the old dead guy gave us all his shiny stuff, which we will be happy to sell for him, at a 100% commission.


Blood & Thunder

Session 23: Kulrosh Deadeye

The air is bitter and cold, storm clouds gather and the rains fall heavy upon my brow, washing off the blood and sweat shed in the battle that has just occurred….no….not a battle….a slaughter.

A lifeless corpse lingers behind me, as I drag what remains of Omar to the shore. Nothing but a trail of blood remains in my wake.

Countless others I have killed, for business, for pleasure, for sport….but rarely ever is it personal.

My mind seeks to take me back to the years I spent drudging out a living as a slave, a gladiator. I bear no regret, no remorse, no pity for those who have fallen before me….and I hold none now…..I relish it. The feel of cutting through an opponent like a hot knife through butter….the splash of warm blood upon my face, the sweet, sticky taste as it drenches my lips…quenching my thirst like water in a desert.

Omar’s death was a necessity….not because he held an artifact….not because he carried with him the body of the provoker….Omar’s death was a statement, a point to be proven; I am not to be trifled with.

He will be an example to those who would seek to challenge my authority, to Todrin, to the Crew, to Gas, to Valara, and to the Gods themselves.

When I was in training, my master had the weakest of his newly purchased slaves butchered in front of the rest of us, to show his domination, his absolute control over us, it was he who gave us our lives and he could just as easily take them away. As they say, put one down, and the rest will fall in line.

Though my years of servitude are long behind me, the lessons learned continue to reveal themselves.
As it was then, so it shall be now. I will give life unto Omar, so that he too learns that it is Kulrosh Deadeye who controls his fate. The winds of change are blowing….let us hope my companions are sailing with it.


Session 22: Galvorn

Oh by Besmara, I finally have hope! I never thought I would hear of a victory against Cheliax again! This win has given rise to my attention and curiosity. I don’t think I’ll ever regret joining this crew. Todrin Ironeye seems a damn good captain, and they even have whores on their ship! YOW! I couldn’t wait to get back to my pirate life. I was glad to see that Todrin was able to match my skill with the blade, otherwise I would’ve been a bit worried. The man thought me to be a common sellsword, but I proved him damn wrong, and more is yet to come. It is hard to underestimate Besmara’s Keeper, I mean, for Besmara’s sake,
I…well, maybe I shouldn’t write that down. (You never know who’s lookin into your own journals). That Valara sure knows how to pick the right whores! Damn that was good!
After a few days of sailing, (oh yes, I forgot to mention, I’m in the crew now), we made it to an isle of a sorts, which I was told to be Dahk’s fang. Didn’t know much about it, but surprisingly was asked to join them. I almost wet myself hearin this! What an opportunity to prove my strength and prowess! Hell, I’ll be the new first mate before ya know it! I could give a fuck less who the last one was.
So… we scurry around this dungeon and eventually came across a sea serpent that wanted me for lunch. Gods that stench…uuugh! It was most kind that they saved me, but I felt a bit cheated in gold after having to fight that thing. One gold a day for slayin dragons!? THE HELL WITH THAT! So I asked for a bit of a “raise” and they agreed to split a portion of the booty to me in return. I thought that to be a fair option, seeing how most of the other crew members are dirt poor. I must be on the right path to lots of cash…I’m starting to enjoy this little scheme they have. I hope they bring me along more often, at least, not at the price of being eaten, of course.

My Nature is Stray and I am the Prey

Session 22: Omar the Wild

This may be the last time I write in my journal. Three people whom I have once entrusted have decided upon killing me. These people are known as Kulrosh Deadeye, Valara Nightwish, and Gas Madgut. It goes back to how everything started…from us being chained up together, to the present. I never really had much of a life until I met them. At first glance I looked upon the eyes of those I thought to be comrades. They certainly were a strange bunch, but not to my level. I understood their differences right away and came to accept them a little more over time, though I did not always agree with the actions they decided upon. But one thing was certain: We were a pack. I could care less who the alpha male was in truth, so long as we fought together. Packs are bound to not always get along, which is simply part of nature.
Ever since the blessing Besmara gave to us, I was beginning to understand the nature of people, which I have disregarded for so long due to my father’s ambition. After Kulrosh killed my father, my only memory of him was what the last thing he did to me when I last saw him: run away. So that’s what I did, at the unfortunate cost of my friend’s life. It’s a shame there is probably no going back now. Fortunately I had a means of bringing him back, and next up I will bring my father back and settle my dispute with him. When I think of my father, I don’t even want to kill him; but that is why I have Noatak by my side, because he has always had my back in times of need.
I am heading to Besmara’s Throne to understand what my purpose is now because I am being hunted by those I used to think of as allies. I don’t want the world to drown, even if I do love the ocean, I cannot allow this world to be destroyed through such unnatural means. Can those that hate me not set aside their reckless and selfish ambition for revenge to fight for a common cause? It seems they have been blinded by the depths of whereas hell would lie.
I fear that the world may drown if I am to be killed. I truly hope that they at least have an ounce of wisdom left in them to make the right decision to let me live. All I want to do is help preserve the natural order that I have found even my own kind to betray.
If Valara, Kulrosh, or Gas are reading this, then I only ask of you to leave my elasmosaurus alone, for he is my only friend left. The fact of you killing me may lead this world to a path of drowning. You have brought this upon yourselves through your selfish ambitions of revenge. I have no regrets. You made a very poor choice.

Damn It, Omar

Session 21: Valara Nightwish

Taking down the ships and the first of the Stormlight twins was easier than I thought… especially with Kulrosh going around smashing everything in his way. After the final ship was sinking, we turned our sights on the towers in the port, the only thing keeping us from the city, and the assholes who took it over. Once we had devised our strategy and readied to head to shore, I tried my hand at firing the cannon, and actually did rather well. Looks like I might be good at something other than whoring after all…

After disabling the first tower, we ran ashore and took out the next one. By then, Raffles and Shendren arrived to take care of the other two, so we made our way into the city. Despite the savageries committed by Cheliax, murdering and enslaving citizens for their own pleasure, we were able to get there before everyone had been killed. As we made our way into the castle, we kept taking out any and every Cheliax soldier in our way.

Finally, we walked into a large throne room of sorts to find the other Stormlight, Leo, that bitch Eomi, and Aranax. Turns out they had convinced him to switch sides. Yeah… I don’t think so. We made quick work of them, but not before Leo told us why Cheliax is trying to take over: they know about the artifacts and what they can do. They’re going to try and guarantee their survival by taking whatever land they can find and killing or enslaving anyone that they see in their way.

Aranax may be a pirate lord, but that certainly doesn’t mean that he isn’t a whiney bitch. Seriously, one thing gets hard and rather than leading the people he has sworn to protect, he would rather just roll over and die apparently. Whatever. We’ll take him back to Port Peril where they can deal with him. We did our part. Our “talk” in the throne room wasn’t a complete waste, however. We managed to find three more treasure maps that could definitely prove useful.

After a quick drink we spent the rest of the night and well into the morning looting the ships. It was well worth it though, since there was plenty to sell for plenty of gold. We then returned to Port Peril for repairs and restocking of supplies, as well as selling all of the spoils from the battle. Then, I took the time to go research the First Wind. I figured that since the other two artifacts had been located, the others would certainly be looking for this one soon. The more I can know about it, the better. When I met back up with the boys, there was talk of eventually building an entire fleet of ships, and while I hate to admit it, it did sound rather exciting.

Somehow, we got back on to the topic of the Provoker, and then the decision was made to kill him. Now. I’ve never met him personally, but the stories that I have heard are enough to make me want to keep my distance. I was willing go along, but if the fight was too much, I was ready to pull the “I told you so” card and get the hell out. However, we actually held our own nicely… until Omar apparently freaked out and ran off with his father’s body, and the Blood of the Moon in his bag. Damn it, Omar.

There are stones, and then there are STONES.

Session 20: Gas Madgut

After clearing out the remainder of the sewer system of any more loot and enemies, we made our way back to the inn to clean ourselves and sleep. Upon a night’s rest we made way for a shop to pawn off what we could. Sensing an opportunity, I took the chance to imbue the shopkeep with an addction to my finest Wyrm Pesh. After doing so, it was simple to give him what he needed, while also dropping hints at my willingness to trade the drug for merchandise. Sure enough, the next morning, he made an appearance at our inn, and opening his jacket, he gave the offer of equal value in Ioun Stones for Wyrm Pesh. Shortly thereafter, I walked away with 3 stones spinning around my head.

With the ship coming into port, we went to pick up our bumbling captain. After getting him our of his shackles we headed out to sea, with Jolas and the other captain. And after two days of sailing, and two days of crafting massive bulbs of alchemists fire, we found ourselves in combat with the three ships in the harbor. After an hour or so of intense battle, each of he ships was in rough shape. Volara at the ready with the cannons, myself manning the helm in Todrick’s absence, Omar and his sea beasts as well as his warping of the wood on the ships, and a bit of incredible heroics by Kulrosh in which he cut down the captain of one ship, destroyed it’s controls, ran along the entire length our ship and leaped off killing a drowned devil in one fell swipe of his massive blade. Even with the colorful stones hovering above me, I can’t deny that few men have as big of stones as Kulrosh Dead-Eye. I’d hate to be on his bad side.

They All Float Down Here.

Session 19: Kulrosh Deadeye

It shouldn’t be more than a couple of days before our ship arrives, in the mean time we can prepare for its arrival. What supplies are needed are procured and prepped for loading as soon as she sails in.

The bell tolls…the bodies float in…somebody should stop this…for the right price of course.

One thing leads to another and we find ourselves on a beach, unfortunately it’s not for any much needed rest and relaxation. No. This is where the first disappearances occurred, chances are slim that we’ll find any clues here given these drownings have been going on for weeks. But luck, it would seem, favors us this day; tracks can still be found in the sands. Tracks that lead to a secret tunnel.

The tunnel leads us through an intricate system of what I can only assume is the sewer system of the city above us. A few secret doors later we find ourselves a ladder up to a trap door, and as luck would have it the cultists are above it and as misfortune would have it they’re aware we’re here.

The battle is quick and fierce, but we prevail all to easily, and what’s more we have a prisoner all too willing to confess his and the cult’s involvement in the murders. We turn him in and collect our proper reward and make haste to return back to the tunnel system…for more riches may lie within.


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