World Will Drown

A Change in Nature

Session 18: Omar the Wild

I walked up the stairs, following the others as a crocodile. We came into a familiar hallway and went into a room with a blood golem. We killed it at ease, with not much of a problem.
As we explored this temple more we found a room with strange pictures on walls, one I presumed to be the three artifacts, and another I thought to be the eye of abondango, and the other one…had a picture of four people, standing before a greater being. I assumed that these four people represented us, but I may be wrong.
We began to see some very interesting things in this dungeon. There was a room with teeth, with blood canisters, and one for…filling the canisters.
After more wandering, we finally got somewhere special in this temple. A door to the left and a humongous door to the right. The left had nothing of significance, but the right was locked. The Halfling opened it with a key that she had. We walked into the big hallway, and into a gigantic room with a Cyclopes in the center, presumably guarding something. This Cyclopes seemed different from the others we fought. I became a bit weary as the others began to take up arms, and knowing how rash and arrogant they are, I doubt they would have listened to me if I tried to devise a battle plan.
We barely managed to live through this battle. We were all nearly killed again. I even told that Halfling to get lost, because I knew she would just get in the way. If she listened to me she would still be alive.
After we killed the Cyclopes and got back up on our feet, we tried to figure a way to open this strange barrier before us, which seemed to contain this artifact.
This merfolk was becoming intrusive, and I quickly found out that he was a cultist. It should have been obvious. Kulrosh grabbed his sword and gutted him in one blow. I was quite impressed. Kulrosh’s battle prowess is that of an alpha male’s.
I pulled the lever in the room and a dazzling light came from the sealing. Valara read the description that said that we needed to sacrifice someone to the moon. I had just the idea.
Gas and I went to that crazy man that we saw in that jail cell. I was ready to put him out of his misery. The poison that Gas applied to my weapon did not work. I figured we’ll need to knock him out.
I began to buck the nut job with my spear in a repetitive manner. He just wouldn’t go unconscious. I swung again and again and again, faster and faster. I began to feel excited all of the sudden, and couldn’t stop. I forgot how many times I have done it, and it all seemed to be done within two seconds. I could not even remember what I just did, but if felt satisfying to induce suffering. Gas looked at me in a concerned manner, but I could not feel anything. My blood was trembling everywhere in my body, and I felt so…alive. I almost wanted more, and was becoming extravagantly wild, but made myself cool down. I could not help my violent nature; I enjoyed doing what I did.
After twenty some minutes of walking, Gas and I made it back to the big room. I closed my eyes in sudden exhaustion from what I had just done and waited for them to kill our sacrifice.
As I watched Gas trying to gut him in the light, I became excited again. This time I tried to control myself, but could not help but watch in eagerness. I was able to restrain myself from my natural need for killing.
Kulrosh finally finished him off after a few blows. Thank Gozreh. I could finally relax a little.
The barrier opened, and we all walked up to the altar. Gas rashly picked it up and smelled it. I took it then and pondered at it. The blood of the moon? This had to be more than a coincidence because I…no, no. Is destiny real? Is this some kind of joke? Besmara must have known about my past somehow, and that is why she entrusted me to drink it. She knows what I have done. I began to feel saddened by this thought of being under Besmara’s power. It felt unnatural holding this platter. But I knew that I had to drink this to protect nature. I just hope that my fate does not lie in Besmara’s hands. I am one with nature, not her.
I finally drank it after pondering for a bit, and Gas did too, at no surprise. Drinking this felt satisfying. It tasted like blood. It actually felt natural to me. By Gozreh, I knew what I did had to be done. I will not regret it. I felt closer to the natural world somehow as I drank this.
After this happened, we eventually teleported back to port peril. A part of me felt so different…as if I have been awoken.
We went to a pub and sat down for a drink. I ordered a drink without even noticing. I knew something in me had changed. This wasn’t something I normally did. I drank the vile liquid this time not for pleasure, but as a sign of bonding and respect between my pack members. Quar Xchek was right…being away from people for so long has made me misunderstand the nature of people. I couldn’t believe how foolish I have been. I have been wishing for so long that people were not a part of nature because of what happened to Noatak’s family. Because of my father. I need to stop running. I must confront my father with Noatak and end this once and for all.
Morning came, and I insisted upon getting Todrin back. I could not bear to let one of my pack members rot in prison for any longer, even if he is a dumbass.
We all went to this highly secured prison and asked to see Todrin. Like always, Valara opens her mouth and starts speaking for us. I got a little agitated and made a comment about her flirtatious nonsense, and once again, she flipped out at me and threatened to kill me for the…oh gods, I’ve lost count. Her arrogance seems to have no bounds. I do not care if this is sarcastic. She needs to stop threatening me. Her naïve nature is endangering the pack, and needs to stop making decisions for us as if she were an alpha male.
Speaking of which, I have recently changed my thoughts about Gas. Sure, we have our alpha male competition going on, which is actually quite interesting, but I have come to an acceptation of his nature. It was stupid of me to scold him harshly for what he is. He cannot help his drug schemes. I suppose I have found it somewhat amusing to watch idiots buy his drugs and intoxicate themselves.
Now about Kulrosh. Yes, I know the big fucker hates me, but I definitely respect his combat prowess. He definitely fights like an alpha male, and proves his bravery in battle. One thing I am getting utterly annoyed with is the disrespect of nature from Kulrosh and Valara. No matter though; karma has a way of solving problems in nature.
We made it into the prison, and went down into a cell room. We all saw Todrin sitting down, looking at the floor in a hopeless manner. I was glad to see was ok, because, well…you don’t want to know what happens when people mess with my pack…

LIzards, Lizards, & Dorfs

Session 17: Valara Nightwish

So wyverns… They’re gross. I mean, the dragon was one thing, but these are just weird. They were obnoxious in that they kept flying. More obnoxious was that fact that Gas died… again. I am beginning to sense a trend here. However, I am going to miss the guy. He has this strange, nasty charm. Plus it was nice to see someone who could make Omar feel as dumb as he sounds.

After the fight, we left with Anberose, the Halfling that we saved, and headed back to the city. Kulrosh got into another mood, not that I can really blame him. He was the one who just went through all of the trouble of bringing him back, you know, less than a day ago.

Omar came up to me and said that he needed money. Oh, what’s that, creepy nature-boy, you want me to pay for your rapey adventures? Yeah no. But when he said that he could bring Gas back, and for less than a tenth of the price at the church. I guess, it is worth a shot…

Big mistake. Big huge mistake. What the fuck was that?! A dwarf, he brought Gas back as a fricking, dwarf! That’s it. I’m done with Omar the Creepy. Just give me an excuse, and he’s done and his stupid fish too.

Anyways, we found Kulrosh, eventually, and got him fixed up. I might have had to give some entertainment, but what the hell. I’m a whore. After everyone regrouped, we went back to the temple and were actually able to get in this time, so that was a plus… until we ran into a Drasolisk. And I thought the wyverns were weird.

After some more traps, some going well, and others not so much (I swear if that stupid Anberose lady makes another snarky comment, I will kill her.). I wasn’t if the merfolk was going to be problematic, but then I saw how slow he was and I didn’t think it would be an issue. If he tries to make trouble, we’ll just push him over like a turtle on his back and run away. Oh well, a few more tunnels, and a couple of trolls later, we are standing, ready to go after the Blood of the Moon.

Gas Madgut: Master of Life and Death

Session 16: Gas Madgut

I have seen the other side, and it isn’t half bad. But there’s not much money to be made on a boat in the sky.

I woke with a gasp, and the feeling could only be compared to a night at the House of Stolen Kisses while riding high on a little bit of everything in my inventory. I need to replicate this.

I found myself in a church with my companions and a priest, and a distinct shortage of coin.

The price was obviously worth it, and it’s only a matter of time before I regain it.

Apparently I’ve missed a few things, but my orders from our holy benefactor and the goals of my comrades seem to line up.

We make our way via a teleport to an ancient temple, decorated with cyclops art. The door apparently can’t be opened until there’s moonlight, but I decide to climb up the side of the building to see if there’s another way in. Reaching the top, the strange bird-like screaming seems to be coming from three wyverns, and I arrived just in time to see one whip one at a wall as the others cower in fear.

I crack four sets of knuckles.

Good to be back.

A Deal Gone South

Session 15: Kulrosh Deadeye

Gas is dead….not much that can be done about it. We fought the best we could, but the flesh can only take so many cuts before it falls. I’ve known death my whole life, I accept it for what it is. I do not mourn those die, it is but another part of life, an inevitable end. Yet, despite this, I find it difficult to admit it to myself that he is gone. Perhaps the little runt was a closer friend to me than I realize. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t change the fact that he is dead. Can’t imagine how explain this to the rest of the group…what I need right now is a stiff drink and some pleasurable company….wonder if Valara is available.

After a drink or several at the tavern and a quick bath I make way to the docks, as I recalled Valara and the rest were making efforts to find a suitable crew to man the heavy weaponry aboard the ship. You can imagine my surprise when I find that their simple business meeting has turned into a massive bloodbath…..though considering what I’ve just been through, it shouldn’t be to surprising. I manage to walk in just as the battle resolves and I spy the group being accompanied by the local guard to the city keep, I give a small sigh of relief as I notice they are not being escorted in shackles.

A short boat ride later and we arrive to meet with some pretentious asshole who claims to be running this shithole of a town. Valara immediately begins spewing out all the information we learned from the Bloodhand fellow. The little Fuck cringes at hearing his name and threatens us with executions…he wouldn’t of had the chance to follow through on his threat. I just imagine wrapping my hands around his puny throat, squeezing every ounce of life from his pathetic body…..wasn’t until Valara started pledging our allegiance to the twat that I broke out of my day dream.

We may be mercenaries, assassins, plunderers, thieves, marauders, and murderers….but soldiers we are not…we sail under no nation’s nor any man’s rule. Besides…there’s no profit to be made when taking sides in a war. I have no problem being paid handsomely for our services rendered…but to swear our allegiance and fealty to some puffed-up lord for no reason other than the “greater good”….FUCK. THAT. I won’t stand for it, and certainly the crew won’t stand for it…..doing something like that is almost guaranteeing we’ll have a mutiny on our hands. And who does Valara think she is? She’s not the captain. She’s a fucking whore…and an extremely young one at that. She has no business making decisions on behalf of the captain or the crew. The little whelp has no idea what she’s getting herself into.

I can hardly stand to stay and listen to these idiots chatter back and forth, and dismiss myself. I guess we’ll just wait and see what happens.

Nature's Turmoil

Session 14: Omar the Wild

I waited outside with the arrogant pest for the fight to begin. I began to get excited, and waited for something to happen. About five minutes passed, and I got sick of waiting. I was unsure of what was taking so long, so decided to take a look. As it turned out, they decided to make friends with this person and let him run off. I saw Valara and Kulrosh looting, so decided to look around myself. I happened to bump into a table and broke a glass of that vile and disgusting liquid called “alcohol.” Valara insisted upon me cleaning it up, because she so suddenly cares for this new “friend.” I come to realize how indecisive this group is. One minute they plan to kill the person, the next they become best friends with him. The poor leadership is going to get someone killed.
I went into the pub with Gas and Kulrosh. I sat down next to them. I watched the idiot sell his drugs, and Kulrosh standing next to him as his bodyguard. I come to realize how much Gas bothers me. He reminds me of my father too much. He lies, cheats, and steals, and worst of all, completely disregards the laws of nature. This disrespect he upholds to the natural world will be ultimately lead to his undoing. Kulrosh, Valara, and Todrin simply don’t know the threat he upholds to the pack. But I do. He cares nothing for any of us. He simply uses us as a tool to gain power and prestige. We mean nothing to him. He could care less if any of us died. I, for one, would never want one of my own pack members to die, regardless of our differences. An alpha male is not to betray his own pack. I fear a possible treachery being planned. I will not let this happen. Not again.
Later, we met up with Todrin and he insisted upon getting some soldiers that can help arm the cannons and ballista on Prosperity. He was going to Port Peril to find some men for this type of work. We all decided upon travelling with him.
As we were at the stables, I looked for which horse would be best fit to get us to port Peril faster. I pointed the best horses out to Todrin. He ignored my advice and choose a different pair of horses, then criticized me for being a nature freak. Perhaps if something from the wilderness tries to eat him, I’ll just let nature take its course and act as if I don’t know anything. That’s how all of these idiots have treated me of late. They seem to think my knowledge of the natural world is some kind of joke. I’ll be the one laughing if a pack of piranhas decides to eat them, and they will be begging for my help, but I’ll just act as if I don’t know anything. Karma has a way of fixing problems.
We traveled over to Port Peril. It took us a couple of days, but we made it just fine. As expected, the group split away from me right away, Gas and Kulrosh off to deal drugs while Todrin and Valara went off to find men to arm the cannons. I really had nothing else to do so I went with Todrin and Valara.
I love to watch people in the big city gawk at me and Noatak, and I always look for fear in their eyes. It gives me pleasure to see those that fear nature’s righteousness.

The Good, The Bad, and The Naked

Session 13: Valara

Well. That’s definitely not what I was expecting. One minute we were surrounded by the creepy eye cultists about to die, and the next we’re standing on a beach. Well, I was standing anyway. Dileena was writhing in pain from her burns and the boys were still out cold. After helping Dileena, we managed to get the rest of the group well enough to wake up. When they asked what happened, I didn’t exactly know how to respond: “Well after you all were struck by lightening, I gave the stone back to the cultists that I just stole it from. You know, the cultists that just murdered a whole bunch of people. Oh, but to compensate I guess I saved your lives… kind of.” Yeah, no. TInstead I kept my mouth shut and we followed Dileena into the Mother Temple of Besmara.

After walking through the temple, we went with the High Priestess, who told us that she has been having visions of… well basically, shit is going to hit the fan very soon: a world without land and endless ocean. Then she told us that she also had a vision of four people “standing together” to stop this. Apparently that’s supposed to be us. Right. She then told us that to accomplish this destiny, or something like that, we had to jump into the weirdest well I have ever seen in my life.

Upon falling through, we landed in a huge room of water with no doors, just a symbol of Besmara on the floor. When Omar the Creep swam to the bottom and touched the symbol, the water began to rise. Way to go Creepy. When there was no other option, we all swam to the water to drown. Yay. That is the last time I jump down a weird well. Ever. Eventually, we couldn’t hold our breath anymore, but when we were forced so take in water, turns out this was enchanted in some way, and we could breath fine.

Suddenly, we began to see visions of each of us, some good, some definitely not so good, as Besmara’s voice told us that these were possibilities, things that could happen. She then told us that she would give us power to fight off the future that the high priestess had seen and some of these visions had shown. So, I guess that means we are going to help save the world. Fun…

The next thing that I knew, Kulrosh was waking me up in the captain’s quarters on Prosperity. After looking around and seeing Gas cuddled up with the Kitsune and Omar buck-ass nude and passed out on the floor, we both decided it would be best just to leave. After finding out that Todrin and the crew found us floating out in the middle of the ocean and we had celebrated, a lot, we decided to head into Colvas Gibbit, where we had anchored. Kulrosh asked if I would be willing to help him dispose of someone named Daniel Bloodhand. He said there was coin involved and I guess that’s good enough reason for me.
We walked around the town for a while, but, as usual, there really wasn’t much going on. After a while we went and got a bite to eat at a pub, where we soon saw our “friend.” He and I had a brief and frustrating chat before I went out and joined the others. When he went to leave, I followed him to his home and tried to keep an eye out for the bedroom.

I then rejoined the others and we made our way to Bloodhand’s house. I managed to sneak in and get the door open. Kulrosh made Gas and Omar wait outside while we proceeded upstairs. I praise Kulrosh for trying, but not being completely silent is going to bite us in the ass later. We got upstairs and I checked all of the doors to find the bedroom. Eventually, I found it and picked the lock. We entered and as Kulrosh walked up to the bed, I got the feeling that this was too easy. Kulrosh pulled back the covers and… pillows. Shit. Turns out, Bloodhand was waiting for us. Double shit.


Session 12: Gas Madgut

There are thousands lining stands, and each one has a option. Two options to be exact. Option A: is to buy the finest narcotics Gas Madgut can produce, further lining his pockets, or option B: is to die by Gas Madgut’s hand in the arena, thereby advancing him further in the tournament and further lining his pockets. As long as people choose one of these options, all will be fine. But when my will is circumvented… consequences must be… severe.

Our day began as the previous. I woke early to watch a few bouts and begin my sales. After finding a few lucky folk with more gold than they needed, I was able to help them part with it, for a taste of Gas’s special blend of wyrm pesh. A concoction that is slowly gaining in notoriety as a key boost to keeping oneself alive in the arena. But before long, the stone in my pocket began it’s familiar shaking, and it was time to swap vials for explosives and enter the arena, with the rest of the Madgut Marauders.

Entering the arena, we found a thin strip of land separating two large pools of water, and after only a short time looking, we quickly learned of our foes. Two massive sea trolls, stupid as they were ugly, both begging to die by my mighty flaming hands. Bout after bout of flame I slung at them, cleaving limb from limb, until both began sinking deeper into the pools from whence they came, shredded husks of what they once were. I stood victorious yet again, holding the tongue of one of the beasts high as a trophy for my triumph…. oh… and my team was there too.

With almost no break, I found myself once again called to the arena, but this time, alone, just the way I like it. Without a beta male or his nippy fish in the way. It appeared that this bout was intended to be some sort of an equal fight, as my competition was an alchemist as well, and one of a similar size, but once again, fools always underestimate Gas Madgut. And yet again, I made quick work of my enemy.

We took the time after to heal, and serving as the benevolent leader, I saw fit to bless my minions with healing, at my expense. They have served me well, and will likely continue to do so if I am able to keep them sufficiently placated. The only one I’m still not certain of is the rapey fellow. I need to find some way to guarantee his loyalty, or else I’ll be forced to dispose of him.

Our day wasn’t over however, as I found myself leading the team into battle once again. This time, against an individual I had seen take down a dragon that morning by himself. I warned the others that he would not be good to trifle with, and to be wary of his lightning staff, but we quickly found that somehow, we were outmatched. As he dodged our blows and ignored the few that landed, he began to take us down one by one.

Suddenly, I began to notice comrades of the competitor, more cultists, lining the edge of the arena, and at once they began to use their magic to dispel the barrier around the arena, as well as dispatching death among the unlucky patrons in the stands. Suddenly realizing that the goal of the cultists was to obtain the grand prize, an artifact of sorts, Valara slipped into my slippers of spiderclimb and, dissapearing in a blink, began what I can assume was the ascent to the box which held the artifact. Before we had a chance to continue fighting back, all of us that remained in the arena were struck down, and the world faded to black.

Assuming that I survive this, I’ll have work to do.

The cultists chose the third option. The option that doesn’t profit me, but is an option nonetheless…

Option C: Fuck with Gas Madgut and die by his hand. Whatever the cost.

Blood, Sex, and Drugs

Session 11: Kulrosh Deadeye

We decided not to push our luck any further in this elaborate dungeon we found by chance. And given the fact we had already been there for a grand total of 2 days already, we found it best not to delay the crew any further…who knows how long they would be willing to wait before turning sails.

Upon return to the ship we met with the captain briefly to discuss plans for the coming weeks ahead. We all have destinations in mind…but to make efficient use of our time it seems prudent to make large loop around the shackles, making what stops we can afford.

The days before our stop were long and uneventful, hardly worth noting. But before Cabin Fever can set in, we make it to Arena. The city is near bursting, we have arrived at the opportune time; an annual tournament of sorts where warriors are pitted against one another in heated combat. The winner to be showered with riches and glory, and the losers…whatever remains of them…swept up and thrown to the lions.

As fortune would have it, we don’t have to wait long for a fight. We witness a savage display of gladiatorial combat outside of a large inn, two men chained together. After the gruesome display is over, I put my foot forward for the next bout, my opponent; some puny man. The shackles placed on our arms are an all too familiar feeling that takes me back to years before. The fight begins, and I lose myself to the thrill of battle…the blood….the sweat…before I can savor the sweet taste…it’s over. And my opponent lies dead and bloodied before me, and a bag of gold is placed in my hand.

The Goblin goes about his business as usual in the town, with myself tagging along as “protection”. And lucky for us, he manages to make a big sale…..his biggest so far. It only seems right that we should celebrate….Valara and her friend shouldn’t be walking straight for a while.

The next morning we make our way to the grand arena to enter ourselves into the tournament. Not more than a couple of hours pass by before we were summoned to the arena floor…and once again I got lost in the Blood haze. The fight was long and tough, and more than one of us nearly succumbed to an endless sleep, but in the end we stood victorious. Let us hope the Gods favor us in the coming matches.

Survival of the Fittest

Session 10: Omar

I followed the group into the dungeon. The first thing we saw was a big pool of water in the middle. Several doors outlined the surrounding area; and of course, as I went to one door, the rest of the group goes to a different one. That didn’t surprise me.
As we treaded through the dungeon, I got a bit worried about Noatak. I have never left him alone before; I just hope he behaves accordingly.
After we searched around a while, we went into a room that seemed empty for a moment but after I analyzed it, soon noticed something on the ceiling in a corner. It looked like some sort of cloak. Gas, being so quick to act, went up to it. Unfortunately, this was not a ‘cloak’, it was some kind of monster. We managed to kill it thankfully, at the cost of almost losing Kulrosh.
We scurried around the dungeon more and began to find some items of use. We stumbled upon a room that had some strange incorporeal beings that told us to leave. I do not care for undead beings; they insult the natural order of life and death. I was ready to put them to rest.
The fight was quite frustrating. I must say it was a bit funny watching Todrin go ballistic over not being able to do shit for us in the battle. I believe that only magical items can harm incorporeal beings; I feel that taking note of this could be worthwhile in the future. I have never encounters the undead before; I found this moment somewhat intriguing. Gozreh does not care much for the undead, as they disrupt the cycle of nature.
About a half-hour past, and Valara was checking for traps. She opened a door that led into a room with two treasure chests; along with some creepy snake-like creature sleeping. I did not have much for spells left, and warned the others of this. We decided not to bother with it; it did not look worth getting into a fight with.
We found a blacksmith room with tons of weapons and armor laying around. It looked like a good place to hide out and rest if we needed to.
Things seemed to be going moderately smooth in this dungeon. I thought that we all would have been dead by now, but perhaps things are looking up for once. Oh wait…that’s right. We almost lost our captain to a coral golem. I am becoming a bit annoyed with my comrades; I knew trying to take on that Golem was stupid and arrogant, but no one insisted upon my advice. How pathetic. I’m just glad Todrin lived.
We went back to our safe spot and rested up and slept. For once gas was actually helping me by giving me potions to heal myself. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to find it laced with blood sap. We all got our ass kicked, and strangely, I feel like it made us a better team. We were all prey for once instead of predator.
We all got rested up quite well. I prepared a spell that I intended to use upon that snake-being, which would make him dehydrate to death. Kulrosh and I went back to that same room, but it was awake this time. It came right next to me, and told me to leave. I was not going to get into a fight with this thing; but I knew Kulrosh was dull-witted enough to.
Kulrosh and I caught up with the others and told them what happened. They were currently trying to open a door that seemed stuck. Kulrosh and I began to open it together, and water began to pour out at us. This obviously led to the room we saw below the water on the upper floor.
We explored more and more through this dungeon. Valara spotted out a very secure door, which we assumed to have vast amounts of treasure in it. This door was a bitch for her to open, but with everyone’s help, we got it. We all got a good share of treasure in this room.
As we traveled deeper into the dungeon, we came across a demon-like creature. The little bitch tried to flirt with me. I knew what she was doing. Being attuned to the natural world takes my amusement away from what the average person might be more gullible to. All that matters in nature is breeding to assure the survival of your species.
After fighting with her for a while, she got bored and teleported away. The demon learned that she was the prey, so she fled. It’s a shame she didn’t just run; I would have had fun chasing and killing her.
To sum this up so far: I’ve had quite a bit of fun. I love the blood rush I get from the battles; it makes me feel so…alive. I wonder when I’ll get to kill something…I’m getting quite rambunctious.

You Get a Whore! You Get a Whore! And You get... A Hoard of Wasps

Session 9: Valara

Waking up sweaty, sore, and with four men is something you’d think I would be used to by now, but I still get quite uncomfortable each morning with my four companions. Especially Creepy McGee. I don’t think I will ever enjoy sleeping with him anywhere nearby. Anyhow, we all prepped for the trip back to the ship, Todrin showed off his “oh-so-amazing” shooting skills, and Kulrosh got us lost. I am beginning to sense a trend in the map-reading abilities of our party. Oh well, we made it back to port without dying, so I guess that’s a plus. We managed to sell off the extra ship and keep it from the hands of Jolis Raffles’ slaver lackey. However, it might be problematic that we revealed our knowledge of Raffles’ trade. Getting a large ballista was a bonus.
As we set sale, Todrin and I went to deal with Clark. Why yes, sometimes there is great use in being a bitch. I have no shame. Apparently Yershmer found me either amusing or at least enjoyed my little speech to Clark. I like him. On the way out, we were reminded that Omar still isn’t paying the cook. That creep is going to get himself into a rather nasty situation someday. As we were all gathering to pay the crew and work out our plan for our journey, Dalina Shoal, one of our crew members told us of a vision involving us walking into a temple. While it was unusual, we had no reason to pursue this vision for now, though it might warrant looking into later. Even more obnoxious though is Omar’s constant belief that he somehow knows so much more about everything. Ever. He knows how to be an asshole, that’s for sure.
As we sailed to Quent, home, Kulrosh and Gas cleaned the dragon and made use of every part. I managed to find Velron asked Gas to see if there wa something he could do to help him with his “difficulties.” Shortly, we landed in Quent, paid the crew, and made our way to the House of Stolen Kisses. When we arrived, the boys seemed a bit startled at the wasps, and I do believe that they did not know about the enchantments here. Anyhow, as we arrived, the boys left for a bath and some company while I too bathed and spoke to Trisha about the new clients and what I’d learned. When I returned to my room, I was soon visited by Omar. Dear Calistria, if he thought that I was going to take him as a client, he had better think again. I would sooner grow a cock myself. But of course, he didn’t pay his woman. Seriously, you walk into a brothel and don’t expect to have to pay for the women’s services? What, you think women would willingly go to bed with you… what was it? Oh yes, Omar the Rapey. So, without paying he got into some trouble with the wasps. I told you he’d get into trouble. Luckily, I was feeling generous and allowed him go freely. Though it might have been nice to see him put in his place by either our girls or the wasps. That might have shut him up for a while. Velron made for a surprising client, though a welcome one.
In the morning, we did some shopping, divvied up the funds, made preparations to go. In the rest of our journey, we’ll be accompanied by Shiri as well as two of the other girls from the house. They will prove useful in not only garnering clients, but also gathering information. Perhaps I should speak with Gas, we might both benefit from having them on board. Within a short while we arrived at Nalts Island, and after some difficulty, particularly for Kulrosh, we managed to arrive at the entrance of the keep, where Kulrosh and Gas found a rather useful treasure chest. Finally, we stood at the entrance, and for the first time, I’m rather excited to see what happens next.


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