Heart of the Sea

Ancient artifact able to control the seas.


This bright blue gem seems like an expensive sapphire, but contains several hidden abilities. The wielder can command the gem with a standard action to use control water as per the spell at will, though it only lasts as long as the wielder concentrates with the heart of the sea (a standard action each turn). This ability can be used to affect multiple areas of water, but the total area affected must be divided evenly. The effective caster level for this ability is 30.
In addition to this, once per day, the heart of the sea can be used to fill the lungs of up to five medium creatures with water (or 2 large creatures, 10 small creatures, etc). The subject(s) of this ability must make a DC 30 fortitude save or immediately begin drowning, receiving a save to negate the effect for each round while in the drowning process. Creatures that can breathe water, have the aquatic subtype, or do not require air are immune to this ability. Using this ability is a standard action that consumes energy from the wielder, causing them to lose half their current hitpoints. The effective caster level for this ability is 30.
Finally, once per week, the gem can be used to create a colossal tsunami, similar to the spell. Doing this takes three full rounds of concentrating, with the chance of losing concentration from taking damage and/or other sources. This tsunami functions just like the spell, except it lasts for 5 minutes and the damage is increased to 40d6 with a DC 30 fortitude to halve the damage. This tsunami can carry colossal sized creatures along with it, given that the tsunami succeeds its CMB check. When creatures fail to escape the tsunami they take 10d6 damage. This tsunami is 20 miles long, 2.5 miles high and travels at a rate of 5 miles per round and can destroy up to 30 miles worth of land in a 20 mile spread. If the tsunami hits land before its five minutes have run out it immediately ends after 6 rounds. Creatures caught in the tsunami for an extended period are subject to drown if they run out of air. The effective caster level for this ability is 30.
The gem can also use the following spells with an effective caster level of 20 and using the wielder’s ability bonus and spell level for the appropriate DC:
Aqueous Orb (2/day)
Hydraulic Torrent (2/day)
Hydrophobia (1/day)
Ride the Waves (2/day)
Geyser (1/day)
Freezing Sphere (1/day)
Fluid Form (1/day)
Vortex (1/day)
Seamantle (1/day)


Heart of the Sea

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