Blood of the Moon

Silver liquid able to drastically alter power


This cistern contains an endless supply of silvery liquid tasting of blood. When drank it gives the user power where they are already strongest, but takes an equal share of power from another part of them. The user must roll a d10 to determine a permanent bonus to their current highest ability score. Magical items currently enhancing the ability score still apply in this manner. A d10 is then rolled by the GM to determine the random result of the penalized ability score. For example, if a character had strength as their highest ability score and rolled a 5, they would gain a permanent +5 bonus to strength. Then the d10 would be rolled by the GM to determine the random penalized score, not including strength in the roll (1-2 dexterity, 3-4 con, 5-6 int, 7-8 wis, 9-10 cha).
These changes can be undone only by greater restoration, miracle, or wish spells. If the penalty would lower an ability score to 0, the character would suffer the following:
A str, int, wis, or cha score of 0 leaves a character unconscious. A dex score of 0 leaves a character completely immobile. A character with a con score of 0 is dead.


Blood of the Moon

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