World Will Drown

Three Trials for the Marauders

Before us stand four massive dragons. Dragons. Far beyond the strength of the measly wyverns which once left me dead on the battle field, yet they remain in my way. The largest of these is clearly in charge, though not going to fight us just yet. The other three come forward defending their champion. Within minutes, we have reduced this three to corpses however, and big red is forced to challenge us herself. But even she is no match for our combined might, and in her last breath, Aashaq reveals the location of her horde. Before moving on I emancipate her from her drug enhancing blood as well as the tongues of her and her comrades. We strip down the skin and bones as well for trophies of our momentous kill. Upon retrieving the loot from her private stores, we take flight for the ship, but upon seeing the multitude of ships upon the horizon we decide upon sending Todrin for his ship, while we continue on to Port Peril, in hopes of warning the pirate council. Instead, only death greets us in the council chamber. The broken battered bodies of the pirate council lay scattered about the room and at the far end of the council table stands a demon holding the First Wind. In a rage we descended upon the beast and upon destroying it, claimed the artifact for ourselves. We realized however, that the defense of Port Peril would be near impossible without the bravery and guidance of her leaders, and after choosing the best of the fallen, Tessa Fairwind, Omar did his best to return her to her ship. She reincarnated as a human, but for the time being, that will have to do. Even so, the city will not stand a chance without every possible blade at it’s disposal, and we realize that we have one more challenge we will have to face this day. We need to kill the Blood Queen. After little preparation and some scrolls of teleportation, we transport ourselves to the entrance to the blood queen’s lair. She is surrounded by a mass of impenetrable darkness, however, there seemed to be only one way to find out where she was, so stepping into the darkness, I found myself swallowed by the ugly worm bitch. So much for feeling like a badass.

Imbibing a potion while inside I managed to get free, but the fight continued to be a struggle for all of us. All seemed lost when most of us were paralyzed by the beast, and if it hadn’t been for Omar and his worms, we would have likely died. In the end however, we were once again victorious. Time will tell if we can hold out against the fleets as they descend upon Port Peril. At least we’ll have the Hurricane King in the fight, as well as the three artifacts.



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