World Will Drown

Things Are Looking Up

Session 4: Gas Madgut

Things are looking up.

A few days ago I was chained to a pole, and now… Well things are looking up.

We set sail for the pirate capital, and after setting up my lab in the hold, I did a bit of snooping. Things went from good to better. I emptied my pack and proceded to carry 10 pounds of the raw flayleaf I found in an unmarked crate to the deck, swapping packs with my massive friend. Upon arriving in town, and after inquiring as to the location of our friend’s ship, we made our way to the merchant area. I put a small fortune into a bag of holding, but when you’re holding, it’s the safest way to manage. All ten pounds and my possessions tucked away, we made our way to the Drunken Monkey, and more importantly, the Jumping Monkey. The whore didn’t join us, and as curious as I was to know what she does when she runs off, perhaps if I play my cards right, and lay my gold right, I’ll find out.

I’m quickly noticing that I’m clearly the smartest one of the group, which explains why they all see me as the natural leader. Except the strange one who loves nature, but fears my herbal remedies, but he’ll come around. As the leader of this ragtag group, it seems to be up to me to make the coin, and my stop in the Jumping Monkey will set me on that path. I dumped a large pile of gold on an assortment of different delights, but if I can reverse engineer them, I’ll be sailing high as a premier supplier of narcotics within a few months.

That is, if I don’t get myself killed first.
I shouldn’t have stuck my neck out, but my orcish companion has stuck by me several times already, and I’ll be damned if I don’t do my part. It was all for naught, but at least I remained standing tall.

A sack of gold, a pile of tasty intoxicants, and a merry band of loyal minions. Yes indeed, things are looking up for ol’ Gas.



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