World Will Drown

They Just Keep Getting Uglier

Session 29: Valara

A daughter. He has a daughter. Well, I guess that explains a lot. The question now is, what am I going to do about it? Bloodhand was absolutely no help. 30,000 gold for something I could do myself? No thanks. But now I’m not sure what to do. Part of me, that itch in the back of my mind, wants to let her go. Let her be an assassin, let her kill him and then he’ll regret choosing her, choosing that life over me. But then again, she’s just a kid. Just a kid who’s being forced into a future without any other options. As someone who has lived her entire life that way, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, especially not some little girl.

After roaming through the rain-soaked town with nothing but my thoughts, I returned to the Prosperity. Over the next four days, I attempted to justify my feelings, and my potential actions. If I save Aiden’s daughter, he could change his allegiance to the Shackles. His insights and experience could be valuable assets in this brewing war. But could I live with that? With seeing him with the people that he chose over me? With the life he never wanted with me?

I tried to let go of my thoughts of Aiden and the girl as we approached Raugsmada’s Keep. It turns out this was easier to do than I thought as we were soon under attack by some giant mass under the water and Raugsmada’s crew and her ship that seemed to sail itself. After we quickly dispatched of the crew, Gas prepared the ship to blow, just like before. However, even the explosion was not enough to take out the Cannon Golum and two Devourers. While Gas and Kulrosh seemed to retreat, for once, it was Omar who stayed to help take down our opponents… until I managed to kill the first Devourer and he suddenly ran off too. No matter how much I seemed to attach the last Devourer, he would somehow take my energy to replace whatever he lost. I felt the itch grow stronger. Even if it would kill me, I was going to rip this thing to pieces. Just as I prepared to drop my weapons and leap at the monster before me, Kulrosh decided to show back up and once again prove himself a great and powerful hero. I don’t know what was worse, the fact that they all left this fight, or that they all seemed to feel that they were the only ones responsible for our victory.

It doesn’t matter. We have bigger problems, namely the lich in the tower. Omar had to rest his poor little self to recuperate some spells, and then we were off, halfway up the tower and through the glass window. We met a few feeble attempts at guards along the way, but they were quickly dispatched. When we reached the top of the tower, there she was in all of her nasty glory. Raugsmada. I swear, out of all the crazy things we have fought, she might just be the ugliest. As she talked, I saw the evil flowing through her, but I could also see the power. The power that someone like her, someone like my mother could possess. Maybe…



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