World Will Drown

The Dark Side of Nature

Session 30: Omar the Wild

We began the fight with Lich Rogsmada. We had some difficulties, but between me dispelling her flying, Valara backstabbing her, and Gases bombs, we managed to kill her. Surprisingly, Kulrosh was the one having difficulties in the battle. We all have our bad and good days, I suppose.

Kulrosh began to skin open the undead knight that came to Besmara’s aid, but it faded to dust. I was curious of his intentions. Why would a person skin a body open like that? Perhaps Kulrosh and I have more in common than I realized.
We went down into the tower and rummaged for treasure. Kulrosh gave a big alpha strike and took down a door that Valara was about to open. He must be trying to make up for the battle earlier…though he is doing a strange job of it.
Later, Valara decided to take her sweet dear time with picking locks open. Even I began to get impatient, which is definitely saying something.
We came across a room with a mirror. Valara knew this was some type of trap, but Kulrosh felt the need to bash the thing to pieces, and gods behold, five dread wraiths appeared before us.
Kulrosh insisted upon sacrificing himself, and I was not going to let his sacrifice be in vain. I planned on simply running out, but Gas teleported Valara and I Prosperity. Valara rushed into the captain’s quarters to get Todrin to use his magic device, which was able to teleport Kulrosh to the ship. He looked like he was on the brink of death. I healed him with a strong spell, and he was up and moving again, but still quite restless.
Valara found out that the hurricane king had been kidnapped by the kuru, the plan was to rescue the hurricane king. I felt that obtaining the First Wind was of greater importance, but I also wanted a chance to see the kuru up close.
As I gazed out to the sea, I noticed some commotion going on. I ran out to see that Clark was being strangled to death by Kulrosh. Valara and Gas wanted me to stop him. I was not going to help until I knew that they were going to assist me if the worst happened. I jumped in and got Clark’s corpse out of the water with Noatak’s help.
Apparently Gas and Valara had a fixation on saving him. I assumed him to be dead, but I helped just because I was in a good mood. We managed to save him surprisingly. I took him to his quarters and made a joke to him that I might regret later.
We made it to the kuru lair eventually after a bit of planning and some kuru brought us to their oracle. The kuru kept asking for the artifacts in exchange for the hurricane king. I really didn’t want to give them anything, and I wished to see this blood queen for myself. The oracle kept denying us the opportunity of speaking with their queen.
We kept going back and forth with our bluffs and half-truths, but I finally got sick and tired of trying to think of a reason for us to see the blood queen, so I made a reason. I pulled out my father’s dead corpse, and told Noatak it is time for us to gain our vengeance. I gashed into his flesh with my teeth, and took a nice wholesome bite. Noatak seemed satisfied by eating the flesh of my father, as did I. We were both stealing my father’s strength to make it our own. Later we will crap him out as the piece of shit he always has been, and the soil will soon deteriorate him into nothing. That is all he deserves for what he did. Nature conquers life and death. Nature is God.
After I finished devouring my lunch with Noatak, the oracle took me to the Blood Queen. The others seemed surprised with my action. Hopefully they will learn to accept my way of life, or at least tolerate it.
I went through many a corridor and eventually was taken into a pitch black room. The first thing I heard was a man being crushed by something big. The Blood Queen then spoke, and we had our wonderful little discussion. We came to a compromise as she demanded one artifact for the king’s life. I was a bit weary of this trade. I respect the kuru’s way of life, but at what price? I am still doing this for Gozreh, not Besmara or the Blood Queen. It seems I am at a halt with this situation. I could care less if the hurricane king dies, and I do not believe that the Blood Queen is my enemy or friend, but I am sure as hell not going to let any artifact get handed over to her. Her intentions seem unclear to me, and I feel that the best choice for us as a group is to just leave.
I personally feel that the Blood Queen possesses power tenfold to whatever Rogsmada did. She acts as if Besmara is nothing compared to what she is. This startles me. We need to leave. I do not think we can take her on, and I am not even sure if I want to help with this upcoming fight. Fighting her could be equivalent to fighting a goddess.

Nature guide me.



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