World Will Drown

Sailing for Adventure

Session 3: Kulrosh

After regrouping at the inn, it seemed prudent to side wide Havalas Grudd in the town’s conflict. Given our little incident at the docks, negotiations with Wide Olga were no longer an option. After performing some menial tasks for the whelp we set sail to battle wide Olga and her ilk.

She assumed her plan to fire canon at Grudd’s fortress was still a secret. Little did she know that she was walking right into a trap. Todrin moved our ship to flank the Beckoning Nereid with expert precision. We boarded her and slaughtered all crew that stood in our way, making our way to the fat bitch Olga herself., it was all too easy.

Afterwards we boarded onto Grudd’s ship, Scylla, and set sail for Parlay Point. We passed by the Devil’s Arches and through the Straights of Barthas, and brought our ship right into a sand barge. While the crew toiled and tugged to render the boat free, it seemed an opportune moment to drink our fill….I don’t remember much of that night.

The next morning as I awoke on deck brought me a no different view; the crew continued to struggle pulling the ship free until the captain finally relented and gave them a reprieve. It wasn’t long before we were “rescued” by a ship sailing under the flag of the shackles, captained by some fucker named Talrock who would gladly provide assistance if they could garner some small token of appreciation from us…..asshole.

I spent most of the day playing babysitter to the little goblin Gas. No telling what trouble that little bastard would get into if left to his own devices….I better get paid well for this.



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