World Will Drown

How do you measure a year?

Session 35: Rhaedor

The battle was swift and bloody, just the way I like it.
After some much needed rest and relaxation given by the exceptional hands of the Red Mantis Assassins’ servants we continue our quest of searching for the girl. Why we even bothered with task I’ll never know….

We eventually find a lead to her location….a single portal in a dark, empty room. And through the portal, a twisting maze of incomprehensible size and length. And what should be awaiting us at the end? A colossal dragon of unknown power….a challenge indeed.

However as the battle closes we learn a terrible truth. For every six seconds we remain on this realm…a day passes in ours. If this is true, then we have been gone from our world for at least two years….and two more may pass before we’re able to leave this place….

Silly to think we thought our time to be so expendable and now it slips through our fingers so easily. So much left undone…so much that could have been accomplished in that time. I have plans that have been hindered enough by this ragtag group of lowlives…by the stubbornness if Kulrosh and his refusal to bend to my will. At least he’s out of the picture now….oh his consciousness still remains, but soon the last remnants of his mind will be snuffed out and I’ll have complete, unopposed control.

So much to do, and less time to do it in. As soon as we finish here, we shall make haste to finish off this God before the world drowns…and my partnership with these mad gut marauders will come to a close, so that we may all continue on to bigger, better things. Well, most of us at least….I should at least kill the druid before we part…he could be a problem later.



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