World Will Drown

Dragon's Maw

Session 31: Kulrosh

In favor of living to fight another day we flee the Island of the Kuru. Though the warrior in me yearns to rip the Blood Queen apart piece by piece, the scholar in me reasons that a fight with her in our current state would end in disaster. Instead, we make our way to Dahak’s Fang to face the dreaded Dragon Priestess Aashaq the Annihilator….how this is the better decision, I can’t even begin to understand. But my companions believe it to be the best course of action, and they have yet to lead me completely astray…..

Days have passed since the battle with Raugsmauda, since I donned the armor of that creature….I’m not sure why I did, I have little memory of it…I just know that I felt called to it….was it him? I know that I should take it off, but I can’t. Every time the thought crosses my mind, my head gets all fuzzy and my thoughts disperse. There’s something inside this armor, something intelligent, something that does not wish to leave, I can feel it’s presence boring into me…taking hold…Gods know how much longer I can keep it at bay.

I suspect the beast inside has some part to play in all of this, the primal side of myself. The part of me that would give in fully to my orcish ancestry and berserker rage…It is troubling to see how far this beast has come. Never before have I been able to properly move and fight in such heavy armor, never before have I wished to read a book to expand my knowledge; on the Kuru and Orc tribes no less…I’m losing the battle…it is only a matter of time now.

As luck would have it though, it would seem my companions are aware of my situation at hand….at least some of it anyway….I don’t think they fully comprehend how dire it has become. But they are able to separate myself from the armor, I can only pray they have sense enough to destroy…or at the very least keep it secret and safe my from other half.

After a few short days we make our way to Dahak’s Fang and are met with some mild hostility. We are challenged by Aashaq’s priest of some sort to face one of her champions. What I assumed would be long and difficult fight only took a matter of seconds….in a rare display of competency, Omar fell the opponent with a single spell…perhaps he is not as useless as I once thought.

However, that battle was nothing compared to one we may yet face. We journey straight into the Dragon’s maw, I fear we may never leave it.



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