World Will Drown

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Gas-mas!

Session 8: Gas
It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Gas-mas!

Who can stop my meteoric rise? My successes seem to be limitless. Even my followers seem to be recognizing it now, and letting go of all doubt. Who nailed the cute fox chick? Gas. Who was adamant that we kill the dragon? Gas. Who walked away unscathed? Gas. Who drained the beast of it’s noble blood? Gas. The Age of Gas has come, and may the masses carry Gas on their lips.

After reaching port, we sought to have our ships repaired, and our treasure maps deciphered, as well as quickly learning that there was a hefty reward for the killing of the firey douche. However, we also learned that the ship we sailed on, was also stolen. Time will tell how much more trouble than he is worth, our captain will turn out to be.

A small amount of drinking later, I found myself in the bed of the foxiest lass this side of the poop deck. Checking that one off the to-do list. Now if only the worlds most hypocritical whore will accept some easy coin I can cross off another. However, judging by the rapey attitude of our other companion, he may not even offer her the fair compensation. I can’t help but admire the insatiability of my orcish friend. His thirst for drink and women would make for a decent client, but he’s more useful as the friendly strong man to me.

The following morning, we set off to look into the nearby location of a potential treasure. As we walked the creepy one tried to make claims of being the alpha male, and I demanded he challenge me, but like the coward he clearly is, he claimed he needn’t prove it.

Upon reaching the location, after the wanna-be alpha male’s absolute disaster of an attempt to lead us, and losing our way for 5 hours, we arrived at our location. It was made quickly apparent that the treasure was guarded by a young dragon, and ever the cowards, my compatriots made a hasty retreat. Only after chastising their weakness and seizing the opportunity for my leadership to guide them, I quickly formulated a plan which involved luring the beast into a trap. As the bravest and most brilliant of the crew, I volunteered to lure the beast with my sharp tongue, and after being set upon by the party, we made short work of it. Hmpf. Some alpha male.

Not losing any time, I quickly filled 12 vials with the beast’s blood, and saved the carcass for later in my bag of holding. Hopefully I’ll be able to drain it of more later, and use the beast to create some of my more impressive concoctions.

But for now we must sleep. My minions need me to be well rested to lead them tomorrow.



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