World Will Drown

Idiotic Tensions

Session 2: Omar

I observed my natural surroundings as I awoke. Before me I saw the leaf-huffing Goblin, the Half-breeded Orc, and the…whatever the hell she is. I was starting to wonder how natural these surroundings were.
On our way to Parley Point, Todrin told us about a feud going on between a couple at war over the entire city of Oyster Cay. A reward was to be offered to those can solve this feud. I honestly could care less, and would rather let nature take its course. Despite this, they decided to go there.
When we made it to the city, everyone’s first thought was, “Let’s go get a drink!” That was to be well-assumed with the stupid nature of man, and no less could have been predicted. I decided to just go hang out with them at the bar, though I had something more important on my agenda.
Surprisingly I was isolated faster than I expected. Valara went…somewhere, while Gas went right into his plant-huffing business with some stupid halflings…while Kulrosh was…well I didn’t pay attention to him. The only one I saw was Todrin, so I sat down by him at the bar.
He offered me some beer. I told him that what he offered me was nature’s poison, but he insisted that it was delight. I found his offer somewhat compelling for an unknown reason. I sat down and drank the beer.
It tasted awful. I found no pleasure from this self-indulging intoxication. It wasn’t until I drank half the beer down that I realized… this was what my father used to give me. The taste brought about memories of me being aboard his rotten sailboat, offering alcohol to his five year old son while dealing drugs along the coast of Shark Island. He said he didn’t have much for milk, so told me alcohol was a man’s milk. Yea…what a childhood.
Anyway, after the one drink I felt a little sickened. Not physically, but I felt like something out of the past haunted me all of the sudden. I just needed to leave for a while.
I went out by Noatak to check on him. He was toying with a dead rat. I played fetch with him and he responded correctly.
About a half hour passed and I saw the others walking out, heading somewhere. My curious nature overcame me, and I wanted to see what they were up to.
As it turned out, they decided to get in on this pathetic feud. I didn’t really care, but I figured it was something to do. Valara went into the Havalas territory, while the three of us decided to try and do something about Wide Olga.
Once we got into her territory, I assumed the other two already planned something out in the bar. It would seem I was quite wrong. These two had no idea what to do. Gas went off somewhere on his own, while Kulrosh and I went into the Clashing Clam.
Gas came back later, and told us of gun powder and supplies in a building that we could blow up to distract guards so we could get onto Olga’s ship. Out of normality I don’t take the word of such a low stature creature such as a goblin, but this one seems as if it has the capacity to go beyond its relatives. Kulrosh and I went along with his plan.
Blowing up the building worked surprisingly well. We ran to the ship and tried to find Olga. We ran into two guards. This was one hell of a fight. Kulrosh and I became unconscious, and were almost killed if not for the goblin’s help and Noatak’s protection. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I may have some respect for that Goblin. For one he is a freak of nature like myself, and he uses the cruelty of nature to further his needs. He may not know it, but I believe he and I will get along quite well in the near future.
Shortly after he awoke me, the disgusting pig Olga came out with some drums on her. She told us that we better start running. At first we did not catch her drift, but as she beat on her clunky drums, her guards charged after us and we had to make a run for it.
We got out thankfully, and regrouped with Valara at the inn. After we explained, she got pissed off at us. Perhaps the plan should have been discussed in more detail. We all gathered and came to a realization that we were full-out enemies of Olga, so siding with Havalas was going to be the choice.
I honestly know very little about these people I have recently met. But I feel…a certain interest about them. I can’t quite pick it out, but I almost feel as if their lives are related to mine somehow. I suppose I will just let nature take its course.



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