World Will Drown

Here We Go Again...

Session 5: Valara

Good morning Port Peril with your pirates, whores, murderers and bells of impending doom. It’s always nice to wake up after a long day to the sounds of a city under attack. Oh well. What are you going to expect in a society run by pirates? Anyhow, I packed up my things and went downstairs. One of the priests said that the city was under attack by Kuru. She said it was too dangerous for me to go outside. Right, buddy. Whatever helps you sleep at night. So out the window I went to the Drunken Monkey to find the boys.

I managed to find the boys without incident, but of course they had gotten themselves into a fight with seven Kuru. Figures. When I arrived, Kulrosh and Omar were already down, while some random guy was fighting with Gas. Does it seem strange to anyone else that the goblin is the one who always seems to live the longest? At some point, I was up against one of the nasty cannibals and went down. Obviously I don’t remember much after that.

I woke up to Todrin shaking me. Wait a second. Where the hell was he? Anyhow, after we had all recovered slightly and looted the bodies, Todrin informed us that he had recovered his ship. Conveniently, it was ready to go right away and did not need any preparations even though it had been sitting idle for 6 years. Todrin also spoke to Sea-Bass Obi-Wan, or whatever his name is, and told us that the reward for stopping the conflict between Wide Olga and Havalas Grudd was ready for us. Well that’s good news, I guess.

So now we had a ship, but we still needed a crew. Everyone split up, Omar to go skulk around somewhere, Gas and Kulrosh to the Jumping Monkey (No surprise there), and Todrin and I to the Drunken Monkey. While he talked to some guy named Tim, I ended up recruiting a half-orc named Clark. A little while later, Gas and Kulrosh returned not with drugs, but with a cleric named Gladeus. They said they found him at a “church,” but considering that the last place I saw them go was the Jumping Monkey, I am not sure I want to know where he actually came from.

After that we all split up once again. This time, Omar and Todrin went one way while Kulrosh, Gas, and I headed back to the House of Calistria where I stayed last night. As we started walking, Gas hatched some ridiculous plan to have thieves steal in order to be on the crew…Yeah. No. So he went off to work on that and Kulrosh and I went to the church, I found out which clients were interested, and we then continued on to find a crew. After we talked to a few individuals, we all met south of Fort Hazard with the ship. Without a second thought, we fetched our reward and then left the port while the bells rang and more bodies floated around the city.

No longer were we headed to Quent, but Todrin informed us that we instead were immediately headed North to take out a Cheliax captain named Ronald Flamesail. Well, so it would appear that not only am I allowed to do my job, but we are not going to the House. All I can this had better be worth it, or I am leaving the very first chance I get.



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