World Will Drown

Everything feels so... natural!

Session 34: Omar the Wild

I first headed over to the temple of Gozreh to give Kye a safe haven. Then I went to find Todrin. He needed to know the truth.
I kept thinking about the purpose of wanting to drown the world. Chessedarde was a fool. It doesn’t matter how many times you drown the world…people will always end up being the same. We are bound for evil. It is our nature. There is no such thing as creating a new world. Change needs to happen naturally, not by force. Only nature should decide if the world should drown, not man.
I made it over to Todrin and he was…doing something with Melany. Why doesn’t he just release his nature with her and just get it over with?
Anyway, I told him the burning truth that the others would never want to bother hearing. Todrin is the reason we are here today, using our godlike powers. I felt like it was time someone gave him some credit. If I were him, I would have kicked the four of us off the crew long ago. I mean, who are we to order him around? I am tired of our self-righteous attitudes. It is going to get us all killed. He didn’t seem to think much of it, but I felt like it just needed to be said. I headed over for the tavern to look for the others.
As it turned out, the plan was to go look for Aiden’s missing daughter. Of course, let’s waste our time bullshitting with people I don’t even know or care about. Well honestly…I needed a break from this heroic crap. I want to kill for fun, just like old times. It sounds like I would get to do that with where we were headed.
We all went over to prosperity, and told Todrin of our plans. His nature seemed to get the best of him, as he went crazy. He sarcastically mentioned that we are all going to keep dying, and I will keep bringing them back as different races. For once in my life, I actually laughed at something he said. I do enjoy reincarnating things…
We teleported to a keep or prison of a sorts, and went into a room with a catfolk standing around a bunch of naked women. Kulrosh killed him in a matter of seconds before I even thought of which spell to use. I spent one hour scrying on the person Aiden was looking for, then I…reincarnated the catfolk. A gnome. He was a gnome. How adorable…
I turned into a dragon and held the little bastard in my hands. The others turned vaporous, and we took off to this crimson citadel. I could not help but drool a little at the gnome. It was a bit tempting…but I resisted for the time being.
We found the citadel and got into it. Valara clawed our hostage to death. I was quite amused by the feral display. As the others were trying to figure out which way to go first, I decided upon harvesting the gnome’s flesh as a snack later. I needed to get my money’s worth from my spell, after all.
After we killed some banshee, crimson assassins, and golems we finally made it to an interesting place. It was a place of luxury, one of the plants told me. Most of us decided to stay around here to relax for a bit. I thought, why not? Let’s just live here for fifty years then kill the drowned god.
I felt like using my powerful spell to my advantage. I was interested in two things…what it felt like to be a female and how gas would react to it. I felt like Gozreh, being both a God and Goddess. It was an interesting experience. Of course, to no surprise, Gas wanted to…you know. I do like trying new things but…this may be taking it a bit far. I reverted back to a male.
There was a weird play going on, so I sat down and watched for a while. I felt the urge for a good snack, but something…homemade. I took out the gnome flesh and began eating. One: it tasted good, and two: I am compensating for the money used to reincarnate the stupid cat. All was quite well, and I was even generous enough to share some with a random guy. He barfed. Pathetic.
I figured it was time to find Valara, though I was eager to watch Gas intoxicate himself. I met up with them, and we all went into a room with a gargantuan dragon. Kulrosh killed it in a matter of seconds…like everything else. How nice.
We found a bunch of assassins in one room, with their leader. Between the artifact, Kulrosh’s godhood, Gas’s bombs, and my…finger, they all died quickly. This has been a nice vacation. But I feel my nature telling me this was a complete waste of time. We need to stop the drowned god. The world might not drown in a couple of weeks, but Port Peril could. The shackles could be gone within a year’s time.



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