World Will Drown

Breaking Wind

Little by little, my empire grows. Upon returning to Port Peril, I stopped into speak with the head of my blood sap production house, and things seem to be humming right along. He even had good news when he informed me that two more production facilities had joined my efforts. It appears that it is time to begin building my distribution network. I made my way over to the jumping monkey, and made things brutally clear, by showing the severed head of the Provoker. It didn’t take long to show the new manager, (who was quite the stubborn Jakis) who was really in charge. Upon hearing about our plans to add a third establishment to the monkey franchise, a “Humping Monkey”, all doubts were erased in the man’s eyes. Sensing the speed at which this endeavor was growing, It became quickly apparent to me that I would need someone I could trust in this town to keep things running smoothly, and to control the day to day operations of my production facilities, as well as keeping a close eye on the monkeys for me. There was only one person I could trust in this matter, my foxy protege, Tori.

She took to the idea quickly, and looked forward to the chance to make even more gold while working in her hometown. After introducing her to the different areas, and giving her an order to hire adequate security for each location, she took off. She’s a fine piece of tail, and I’ll miss it, but at least I’ll know where it is when I return to port.

After completing the majority of my business, we made our way to the pirate council, where we were questioned by the Hurricane “King” about the war and artifacts. Keeping the majority of our knowledge about the artifacts to ourselves, we informed him of the fact that the Kuru may not be our enemies, and that previous attacks may have been a failed attempt at communication.

After some deliberation, it appears that our goal is clear, we must seek out the Lich, and destroy it if necessary.



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