World Will Drown

The Growing Itch

Session 33: Valara

After the Blood Queen’s death, events seemed to happen in a sort of blur. We left her chamber and went to speak with the Kuru. Apparently I am now the only one who doesn’t speak Kuru. So as the boys discussed who-knows-what with the cannibals, I let myself zone out and lose track of my thoughts. As the smell of blood all around the island surrounded us, I felt that never-ceasing itch grow stronger. My fingers twitched and I was reminded of the claw-like nails that I had so wanted to use to rip out Raugsmada’s throat. The claws that reminded me of the power my mother possesses. The power that I could possess…

I was snapped from my thoughts by Omar’s spell returning us to the Prosperity, and the next thing I knew, Gas awakened the three artifacts. We found out that in a hundred years, the world will drown no matter what we do, and things are only going to get worse until then. The weather is not going to improve, and more and more land is going to be lost unless we bring the three artifacts to the Eye Abendengo and summon the Drowned God and defeat him. With that lovely thought, we returned to Port Peril and began discussing strategy with the Hurricane King for the upcoming battle. I might be good at dealing with people, but battle plans are not my forte. So once again, I let the boys do the talking and simply listened during the discussion of catapults, bombs, and ships, pondering the three artifacts and what they might, in fact, be capable of when used together.

Finally thinking that I had some time to rest, I realized just how exhausted I was. I paid for a room for the night and headed to bed… until I heard a thump and saw that stupid Grave Knight standing at the foot of my bed. All I wanted to do was get some sleep. Just once, I didn’t want some guy keeping me up all night. But he was quickly disposed of, and after Kulrosh took the armor, I tried to get some sleep.

The next morning, I learned what I could of Medio Galti. If I wanted to have any hope of getting this kid out, I needed to know what I was up against. The promise of treasure and tons of women (never mind that they’re all assassins) might even help to convince the rest of the group to help. The more I researched, the stronger the itch became. I realized that it was getting stronger and stronger, harder to control.

But before long, I found myself with Kulrosh, and the once again Goblin Gas and Half-Elf Omar as we prepared for the battle. I’m not entirely sure why we spent so much time prepping the city. One use of the Heart of the Sea’s tidal wave, and the Cheliax fleet was all but destroyed. It seemed that things were already taken care of… until a shit ton of giant squid popped up and started attacking us. I missed most of the battle as I was blown into the sea by a tornado, but I was back in time to hear that the biggest of the big-ass squid, the one known as Aquidius, wanted us to unleash the Drowned God immediately. Then, they were all gone, and we were left to clean up what remained of the Cheliax fleet.

As we stood there, a piece of wreckage washed over: a piece of the Vitality. Without really thinking, I rushed over and started searching for any sign that I could find of Aiden or his ship. It seemed that he was lost, until I saw that Omar had found him. For once, I was actually grateful to the Druid. Now, to get Aiden revived and see if this was at all worthwhile. If this doesn’t work, I’m not sure how much longer I can keep that itch at bay.



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